On Monday, may 7. In may, it was announced against 13 clock on the Radio of the coming catastrophe, the final and irrevocable destruction of our natural foundations of life. Me and many others in Switzerland, the Radio delivered the sad message. A biologist and a geographer, described in the midday news, the results of the first world biodiversity report, an inventory of 137 countries in order and on that day in Paris was presented to the Public.

The results are devastating: One Million species threatened with extinction. A third of all marine fish stocks are overfished. The rate of Extinctions by a factor of ten to hundred increased. Three-quarters of the land surface and two-thirds of the water surface due to the people. A third of the world’s land surface is used for agricultural production, and so on and so forth. The list of bad news would never end.

The biologist sounded so resigned, like a Doctor, give your patient the fatal diagnosis, and at the same time knows how little will it take care of this. Because he knows, first, that it is a cure already too late to change something, and because he would not secondly, even if he could by a Change in his life is his destiny to turn away. Because of this development, you could not company said the scientist. The Commission developed four scenarios, and even the most hopeful, the most economical means improbable, will not be able to stop the descent.

science makes the contrast between nature and man

I liked me of this despair not to indulge in and looked at the report in more detail. Unfortunately, the depth Information is not served to calm my nerves. The diagnosis was well-founded, the number of sources used. The results fulfilled all the scientific requirements. The diagnosis, as sad as it might be, was not the Problem; reason for the Resignation of the therapy proposals had to address this development. In the Appendix, a chart that represented the essential elements that are necessary to achieve the objectives of sustainable development. At the top of a box-Living-well in balance and harmony with Mother Earth to stand on”.”

It seemed strange to me to find in a scientific paper, the term “mother earth”. And why these scientists made a contrast between the natural and the human? We are not a part of it? Finally, this nature has also produced the human life. Evolution has equipped us with qualities that made us extremely successful, because otherwise we would have spread us in all habitats, we would not have doubled us in this speed increasingly alone in the last fifty years, our Population. This is the success of all other species have suffered, without a doubt, but that’s why we have failed people against no natural law.

The pessimism, the Resignation, the widespread fatalism – all of this is due to the fact that nature is associated with a “harmony” and “balance”. We humans, in contrast, those species that brings the natural order is messed up. And it is precisely this imagery prevents the development of a constructive solution strategy. Nature knows no harmony, its laws are inexorable: The Strong survive, the Weak will be eliminated. The Sick person can’t hope to care, he is immediately to feed his enemies. Every moment of the struggle for Survival.

The man struggled against the brutal laws of nature

Or it is harmonious, if a male lion with a strange pride takes over and all the young animals totbeisst, which it has not conceived itself? And the jewel wasps, they live harmoniously? The green and Golden little creature with distinctive red thighs, all of which are in Africa and in India, to home, to harmonize with the American large cockroach that you sprayed a poison in the ganglia. Then the cockroach can be involuntarily in a cave, and together with a Wespenei buried alive. Paralyzed from the venom of the wasp, the cockroach is still so long, until the larva has eaten it piece by piece. What is the harmony? From a higher point of view, the jewel regulate wasp, of course, the insect stock. But this harmony is an example for us? The nature asks neither the lion children spiders the Orb web, whether or not you agree. This harmony takes no account of the individual.

the nature as a mother to imagine, is a pretty bizarre idea. Or is it motherly, to create resistant to new life, to destroy it ruthlessly? And what is the caring of a mother, the plasmodia, and cholera bacteria, the people around the world to terrorize? Yes, the man is part of nature, and it is the part that has rebelled against their brutal laws. He has not accepted it, that its existence serves a different existence as a purpose and his body as a food source is utilized. He has revolted against the eternal struggle for Survival. He has learned from the natural cycles, to decouple and to bring in front of their forces in protection.

He fought back against those laws, which killed a large part of the women at birth. At the beginning of the 20th century. Century, the maternal mortality rate in the industrial Nations, of three hundred per one hundred thousand live births. Since then, it has fallen by a factor of thirty, and thanks to the completely unnatural medical care. Mother nature, the other mothers were totally indifferent. The decomposing woman bodies were finally other organisms for food, were so completely suspended in the natural harmony.
The natural harmony consists of a monumental indifference. Your balance is a balance of terror.

How helpless to cynical recourse to the “mother earth” and their supposed nature, the biologist, refers in an Interview to a country that has its ecological footprint in the handle, to Burundi. This Central African country lives in fact sustainable, because its population is the poorest with an annual income of $ 700 per head, the second in the world. The life expectancy is sixty years, and it is clear that the people pollute the nature, less as a Swiss who lives twenty-two years and ninety Times more deserving.

awareness of human responsibility to develop

Nevertheless, the world biodiversity report describes a fundamental fact. The human species seems to be the victim of its own success. Trade and Innovation, these are the two essential factors for human development, have experienced in the last thirty years, a tremendous acceleration and threaten the foundations of life. But the report also shows a trend in the Modern ubiquitous, and again and again as the model is used to escape the civilizational contradictions: the irrational Exaggeration of the nature, escape into the Lap of a metaphysical, a constructed “mother earth”.

If we want to escape, as a society, the dialectics of progress and destruction, we should stop, to summon the harmony with nature. We should stop to see her as a mother. In fact, the man follows the natural laws, if he exploits the soils, the seas overfished, the air is too polluted. He follows the natural laws, when its own Population developed ruthlessly to the resource limit. Yeast bacteria to keep it so, rabbit to keep it that way, and also the giant Hogweed does the same thing. Each type is multiplied until their food are exhausted the basics, or a competing type prevents the spread.

We should try to put this natural momentum to break through and on the features that are only available to the people in common. In addition to the decimation of species, the destruction of the foundations of life, the exploitation of resources creates in the short run, welfare inequality, in the long run, however, and Suffer, and among us humans. Sustainable development, it indicates this in spite of all the criticism, valuable report, fortunately, is first of all a social task. Those who benefit from the prosperity, not to carry the loads. We enjoyed life at the expense of future generations.

to authorize, Instead of the human-demon needs to be developed is the awareness of his responsibility and promoted. All of this is the so-called nature indifferent. It is dangerous to summon your harmony. She takes no part in our impending fate, a fate which we can only escape, if we remember, what distinguishes the people in the core: its solidarity, compassion, and his desire for a global justice.