The holiday season is at its peak, the summer has passed its peak already, but there is no reason to fall in grief and gloom ver. The coming autumn promises Big. We can look forward to innovations that make our lives easier, more varied and, above all, entertaining. Apple is the latest operating system for the iPhone on the market.

It’s called iOS 13, and in addition to many small improvements, such as new lighting effects for portrait camera, more order in the Mail from the mailbox, or an Online identification function, we can look forward to a revolutionary invention: The new operating system will grace us with Memojis.

One is reminded: It all started a few years ago with the Emoji, small images, you could paste in the text messages, without words its emotional state to Express. The next stage of development, the Animojis, nothing more than animated Emojis were. With them it was possible to change the mood to display. We found there that the technological development is approached, finally, our true being, our complex personalities, becoming better able to represent?

Smartphone killer features with a downside

And now for the next step on the endless path to perfection, the Memojis. You are not only encouraged, no, they are personalized. If you turn on the camera and – oh, miracle! Animals, for example pigs and puppies, take over my facial Expressions. I’m stunned, tears up the Piglet in the eyes, I am saddened, responding to the pup with the well-known puppy Dog eyes.

The summer is a bad time for Defeatism, the holiday season is finally, for relaxation, and yet it must be said: Like any Innovation, this killer feature has a downside. And this downside relates to 300 million consumers, better said, the whole of mankind, or, to put it even more precisely: iOS 13 creates even those generations, a Problem that has not yet been born.

This is the method that these innovations are driven and only possible. It is a process that the ordinary man tries to avoid in General. It is the deliberate, calculated, and provoked a deviation from the rule, or, to make it easier to Express the error.

to compete in a competition, you must be made mistakes. Precisely in this logic, a successful watch explained a short time ago industrial the error culture in its operations. For small errors of its employees would be a small, for a big mistake a large reward to receive.

The seems at first counter-intuitive, even paradoxical, to. What interest can have an employer that its employees make mistakes? Finally, and this entrepreneur admits also, he wants to always achieve a higher Profit, and any mistake caused but without a doubt the cost. Is this man so crazy? If you look at the gushing profits of the group in the last few years, you must answer this question clearly is no.

Smart entrepreneurs promote deviations from the rule,

in fact, this man is in a certain logic is totally rational. This logic is called competition. If you want to survive in the competition, you must constantly bring innovations to the market. And therefore, he must provoke the error. This he has of the Evolution of this ultimate competition, learned survival the most, in which you work. Evolution is only due to errors are possible, and the Name for this error is a Mutation.

There are two types of cell division, mitosis and meiosis. In mitosis, the chromosome set is doubled simply, the two new cells are perfect clones. In the case of meiosis, the Genetic information is divided, each new cell receives a half. This is for sexual reproduction is necessary, because otherwise the chromosomes would be duplicated with each Generation.

in Both mitosis as well as meiosis errors may creep in. In the first case, only the individual is affected. It is ill, for example cancer, but with his death, the error disappears. This is very different in meiosis. Any error that occurs here, not only has consequences for the individual concerned, the Mutation is passed on to all descendants. Most of these consequences are extremely unpleasant.

Then it is called hereditary diseases, but in very rare cases, a better adaptation to the environment, and thus an evolutionary advantage to allow these errors to the Population. With a slightly longer neck, it is much easier to get the leaves, an additional spring brings advantages in terms of aerodynamics, and an abducted thumb grips better. Who has an advantage, increasingly easier, the advantage will be given more, and whoever has him, will be eliminated in the short or long out of the race. Because only the Fittest will survive in this ruthless competition.

What is the Evolution of the case, applies equally to economic competition. And, therefore, the entrepreneur is smart, if he promotes deviations from the rule. Because ninety-nine errors that advantage that gives his company the decisive advantage is maybe. And the resources spent to Try and stick with the ninety-nine mistakes? The work and life of employees? The Material? The Energy? Everything will be lost. The entrepreneur will create a cost estimate, and as long as the costs of the Committee are not higher than the profit achieved with the Innovation that goes on his bill.

New iPhone models are not significantly better than the older

But, unfortunately, only his. It costs, for he must not stand up, which he externalised arise here, namely. The company does not have to pay still to the full extent for the damage to the environment caused during the production. And not to mention the future generations, for whom the resources are not available. These costs are never charged, and the only reason he can afford his mistakes. And as long as the rules in this competition are not changed, the economy has no reason to change anything.

If the Consumer for the actual expenses, then Innovation would only play a minor role. Longevity, stability and the ability to repair broken devices, would be the decisive criterion.

Innovation finds its justification in the principle of Competition. It is this principle that controls our time almost completely, a principle which is defended by almost all parties, whether left or right. The economies, the companies are in a competition, down to the individual people of a fierce competition and only those survive who have a voice in this race an advantage. This would be justified if these innovations would bring a real advantage.

Dark fashion reminds you that there is always someone for our mistakes

paid, Without question, the first iPhone that came out in 2008 on the market has revolutionized the society and the lives of many people changed. For all subsequent models this is true not only approximately. And yet, none of them used more of a twelve-year-old Smartphone. And in the autumn, now 300 million more iPhones are ending up in the trash. For all models of the Generation 7 and 8, the new operating system is not available, you will receive no Updates and will be ruins to the industry. The evolutionary progress, has declared to be Disabled. And the most recent of these Smartphones are just four years old. It is highly complex, extremely potent machine, fully operational, and yet the only scrap and the total resources lost.

It is feared that the life-cycle of the latest Smartphones even shorter, and the difference to the next models will be even smaller. Because this development is asymptotic. Each new innovation brings only a gradual improvement, but at increasingly higher costs. And what’s the point? So we can send pig and puppy with our facial features.

But there is hope. The operating system brings a new feature, which reminds us that we should use the resources better and make more sense, to squander as you are in for a completely unnecessary innovation. A feature that reminds us, perhaps, to the fact that there is always someone who has to pay for mistakes. And that we should look for a different method to our society forward. Thus, we will not be part of the supposed winners in this competition, all of a sudden the losers and retired. The most important Innovation in the new operating system, expected for a long time, already available on Laptops and popular, because the spirit of the time accordingly, is the Dark Mode.