Stress is a health risk, it makes you sick and unhappy. But we are not helpless. A successful method is the so-called “Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction” stress reduction through mindfulness practice. Their effectiveness has been proven in numerous scientific studies, your healing power is now undisputed. People who practice in it, are more balanced and more powerful. Your immune system is strengthened, and you will have more joy in life.

the largest health insurance in Switzerland starts When even a campaign for it to spread, then you can assume definitively that the thing has Hand and foot. A health insurance company followed, finally, financial, not ideological, objectives. To keep people healthy, it is in their economic interest.

The reasons for Stress are many and varied. The economy, politics, the environment, and not rarely also the private life – all this is thoroughly messed up. And refers to anyone who is looking in this turmoil, his inner peace and mindfulness practice is attending to. In addition to their effectiveness, the advantage of the low costs. Everything you need to make to be with her for the first Time familiar, is a raisin.

It would be cheap to make mindfulness exercises fun

This ordinary dried Grapes, it now devotes a few minutes of his undivided brain power. You may be aware, that this wondrous thing of strange Furrows is crossed, and that these Grooves may form a pretty pattern. This pattern, you should study for a Moment.

in Thun BE-born Lukas Bärfuss, one of the most successful writers in the country, recently won the prestigious Georg-Büchner prize. Works such as “a Hundred days” or “Koala” made him about Switzerland also known as of 2017, his novel “Hagard” appeared. Bärfuss also works as a playwright and Dramaturg; he deals always polemic with his home (“The Switzerland of madness”). Since 2015 he is a member of the German Academy for language and seal. He lives in Zurich and Paris.

The amazement will grow when you switch from the visual to the olfactory impression of a raisin to the nose holds and the notes can be berry, of how immensely diverse the odor notes of a Wine. The effects of this Exercise are quite amazing. You can actually hear from people whose view of the world changed the Moment she laid down in a final act of the wine berry on the tongue, abruptly. The taste explosion have revealed to them the wonders of the universe.

It would be cheap to make fun of. What is bad about enjoying the little things of everyday life, and it was just a raisin? And what is wrong on the major problems that make daily life a living hell, to reply with a Smile?

Without a doubt, mindfulness works. Unfortunately, this is not a reason to be happy, on the contrary, it is a cause for utmost concern. Just their suitability and their dissemination should scare a modern human.

mindfulness practice is a Problem, not the solution. We can say without Exaggeration that your success is some of the things that threatens the very foundations of our society.

and Do we can Think of

How to write but the stress of an expert on the campaign Website of the health insurance? “Learn to distinguish between loads that can be influenced, and those that are not. There is simply external, even by the society stresses that the Individual can not really affect conditional. That is why it is important to focus on the internal loads.”

Who is versed in the philosophical literature, something that will remind these rates, in Epictetus, the power in front of almost two thousand years ago, in his “hand-book of morals” similar proposals. “The things,” writes he, “are not in our control, the other. In our violence, our Thinking, our Doing, our desire, our aversion is, in short: everything that comes from ourselves.”

Sounds exactly like the basis for mindfulness practice. And who could disagree with this insight? No one is all-powerful, and all too often it is a misfortune or a disease of his own impotence aware of.

Something suspicious, it is perhaps only in the next sentences of this amazing philosopher: “it is Not our violence, our body is our Haven, our Prestige, our outer position.” That is strange. So completely helpless, as Epictetus argues, we do not actually experience us, hopefully. And yet it represents only an attitude that underlies the practice of Mindfulness: look first to your environment, take care of your feelings and your breathing!

Every thought is a mirror of the political situation. Was Epictetus a representative of the Stoa, a rich and highly influential philosophical school, which explained the control of the inner world to the highest goal of a human being. The philosopher goes far, very far. Who is losing all his possessions, not to grieve, and not to be sad, when will snatched the child or wife through death. All of this is just borrowed, you have given it a result of the loss back.

it sounds extreme, but for Epictetus and his contemporaries, this was an everyday experience. He himself was a slave and was born under the reign of Nero, the last Emperor of that dynasty that Augustus had founded. This Despot had cleaned up with the Roman Republic, the Senate stripped of power and a dictatorship established.

Zen-Buddhism, mindfulness practice, and totalitarian ideas

Who was not on his side, was placed on the proscription lists, which meant nothing else than that he and his family killed, and his property was distributed among the Followers. Any attempt to change the social conditions, life was at that time dangerous, and the Stoa was a way to find a way out of their own powerlessness. Anyone who does not believe can influence the world to take refuge in the design of his interior world.

Admittedly, Though their Teachings may be written down from Epictetus, called the least of the mindfulness of the apostles to the ancient Romans. Jon Kabat Zinn, the most influential among them, and by the way, the inventor of the raisin exercise, mainly refers to the Zen-Buddhism. Its history, however, has many Parallels with the Stoa. As you experienced Zen its flowering as an ideology of a totalitarian rule of a military dictatorship, to be exact.

In the time of the Japanese shoguns, the Power lay with the soldiers, the Samurai. You do not the policy, but the war was Central. Sword fighting is a bloody affair, and is a cause of Stress; his removal is a necessary strategy to keep the carnage a cool head. Here is the mindfulness practice proved quite excellent. A certain degree of insensitivity to external impressions certainly helps when slitting the guts of his opponent.

Zen Buddhism and mindfulness practice to connect very well with totalitarian ideas. One of the most successful books in this particular Genre and until today, in many bookstore in stock, “Zen in the art of Archery” and comes from Eugen Herrigel, born in 1884, his character japanologist and member of the Nazi party. He was friends with karlfried Graf Dürckheim, a German diplomat and also a convinced Nazi.

Mr hedgehog and Dürckheim are essential for the dissemination of Zen to the practice of Mindfulness in the West is responsible. Dürckheim was a Veteran of the First world war, which explains his fondness for Zen. Even the most intolerable cruelties to endure with equanimity, is also in the West a soldier’s necessity. And a certain amount of insensitivity is also today, in unfettered capitalism, a helpful competence to survive in the daily Struggle.

to escape the World as a cause of the current crisis

The Resignation, the Escapism, the mindfulness cult is expressed, are, therefore, at the same time a Symptom and a cause of the current crisis. Those who share with this above-mentioned stress expert is of the opinion that the company may not be changed, and you should fight the Stress that produced their contradictions and unreasonable demands, through mental Exercises and not through a common, i.e. political commitment, it may ultimately be a Democrat.
Democratic Engagement means, in the world stand up and to believe in the possibility that society can be changed.

Who is isolated from the others, who concentrates most of the day only on his breath, should ask perhaps, why he is out of breath and what could be the cause of his Stress. And if he comes in the fact that it is not due to his wrong attitude, but to the social conditions, should perhaps, before the next wine berry sucks, even the question of whether or not he should free himself from his isolation.

He could close with other Stressed-out together and dare to change this world, which makes him not only stressed out and sick, but also so stupid that he is hoping for his salvation in the cultic worship of dried fruit.