Luis Suarez is struggling to be its harm to quit and get back on the Barcelona team.

But when the uruguayan star is ready again, waiting for him harder battle due to stiff competition, than before he was injured.

For Barcelona, as you know, utilized a special rule and downloaded the Danish Martin Braithwaite this winter – something which, among other things, could allow themselves to do because of a long-term harm to Ousmane Dembele.

But neither the dane or the increased competition poses a problem for Suarez, he stresses.

“the Club was fortunate to recruit another striker, and he (Martin Braithwaite) is very welcome, for it helps the club,” said Luis Suarez, according to several international media for the uruguayan Referi.

“But it does not change the fact that the club needs to be back at the highest level, and that this break (because of coronavirussen, red.) must be used to improve and focus on what needs to be done.”

“La Liga and the Champions League continues, and we must show that we will win both tournaments, and why we are Barcelona,” continues Luis Suarez.

The 33-year-old striker has been out with a knee injury since January, and since the judgment in the first instance, was four months on the sidelines, he was considered finished in the current season.

But, after both La Liga and the Champions League has been suspended on the grounds of coronavirussens ravages, has Luis Suarez suddenly had renewed hope that he can play a key role for Barcelona in the season’s decisive battles.

“the Doctor has told me that my rehabilitation is going really well, and it gives me hope,” says Suarez, and continues:

“When the team comes back, I will be able to be with them.”

it remains to be seen whether Luis Suarez to make a comeback in this season – if it all gets resumed.

so far in La Liga suspended for the 4. april, while the Champions League is on hiatus for an indefinite time.