The air for Lugano coach Fabio Celestini (43) is getting thinner and thinner!

With the 0:1 for FC Copenhagen-Lugano conceded the third competitive defeat. Super League, Cup, Europa League: The Ticino lose at the moment, three ways. The performance in Denmark is the sixth competitive match defeat in a row.

It’s a Negative series, the President Angelo Renzetti’t fit. He said in Copenhagen: “When the last layers, we don’t always just, we must also act.” The impatient Lugano-presidential Celestini is now sitting on the ejection seat. After the 0:3-disgrace in the Cup against Lausanne, he said: “The absolute low point of my term of office!”

it goes So fast in Lugano. Still in the summer break Celestini will not renew his contract because Renzetti is handing over the club to the Russians Leonid Novoselski. This trust is now gone.

A victory must be found

Although Lugano against Copenhagen increases in comparison to the Cup-Out significantly. But Celestini remains under pressure. It comes in Cornaredo for the first dismissal of the season? After the VIEW information has made Renzetti, prior to the Europa League trip already with a possible Celestini-successor. It has to be a currently unemployed coach who could immediately take over.

The home game on Sunday against Lucerne in the game destiny. Renzetti says openly: “We get the final answer on Sunday.” And the club Boss calls on Celestini, to rethink his System. “The team is suited for a 4-3-3.” Celestini sets so far this season, but on a 3-1-4-2 or a 4-4-2.

Whether Celestini jumps over his shadow and, indeed, on the presidential request, the System surrounded? The fate of the match against Lucerne will show it.