to be Honest I struggled in Charleston a very good feeling. But the green Sand is also not as typical as the red ash. He is the hard court similar, you slip less. In this respect, it is the ideal tournament for the Transition to the clay season in Europe. I’ve only played for Lugano. It was the perfect preparation.

no, I’ve actually never had a problem. I fall asleep anywhere, I can adapt very quickly. Already in the airplane I am on the new time and try to sleep in the new rhythm and eat. At the new place, I fight my way through the first day. At the latest after two, three days, I arrived totally.

Yes, this was not an easy year! I was on the verge of a stress fracture in the foot and in the delivery of crutches. Personally, I was sad, but can not play, in fact, to me, also mega sorry for the tournament. After all, I had a gig as an umpire for a show match. A home tournament it is not often to miss it hurt me a lot. The more extreme I look forward now and hope that everything will be better. Also, the weather after the rainy last year, I keep track of these days the weather report!

In that time, I was hurt, but often played for several months of no Tennis, so it could flap never on the rather rare. But now it is different, after Lugano I plan to still Stuttgart, maybe Prague, Madrid, Rome and Paris. And I currently have a run! Confidence is not everything, but it makes things a lot easier. But you have to have a Sand-like …

(laughs) of Course! We had a Mini-sand box at home in Uzwil. And I remember the beautiful sand castles that I built on the beach of Florida, and I pounded my younger brother Brian again and again!

The movement sequences with the strong Slides are not able to move for me, nevertheless, not of course – in the same way as other easy, of course, on grass. I play Forehand and backhand from an open Position, the lateral Anrutschen is difficult and strained the adductor. To get used to tennis, I train sometimes on a slide Board – a lot of hockey players do.

Yes, exactly the same! If I put in the preparation time, I even go on the ice and practice with normal shoes Slipping.

Martin is currently in Bratislava in the school. He makes there, Yes, the Trainer-in-training, studying anatomy, physiotherapy and much more. In may, he has exams. But for the one or other weekend, he comes to me nevertheless, in the next few weeks to visit. The grass season he pushes then surely re-fix to our Team.

Clear, but I see in the wardrobe or when Applying to many other tournaments. In Lugano, I’m especially looking forward to the Swiss Fans, including a lot of friends and family – even my cousin and aunt want to come!

Of victory still can be no question. Also, I can no Italian, only “Gelato”. But I would learn the language very much – Italian as well as Spanish I like very well. And that I should improve my French.

A very good. For the Swiss Championships in the Junior women, I was always happy there. Also, I have super memories of the times when I played Interclub for Locarno. The Clubs in Ticino are very familiar, the scene almost everyone knows, and the Ticino’s love of Tennis. It is a pleasure to play in front of you!

no less than eight Swiss women want to make from Sunday and next week in Lugano is a good figure. The a are fix in the main tableau, the others must try their luck first via qualifying.

Belinda Bencic (22, WTA 21): she is in great shape, fit, and in comparison to the previous year by more than 50 places. Sand is not your preferred Terrain. In Charleston, Belinda has brought this week with the quarter-final to enter on the slippery situation, however, Mumm. the Viktorija Golubic (26, WTA 79): Although the Zurich-won the WTA 125 tournament in Indian Wells, and then the Qualis in the Indian Wells and Miami supernatant, it should have been in the Canton of Ticino in the Quali. Her rise in the rankings came in for Lugano too late. Due to Cancellations, she slips into the main field. the Stefi Vögele (29, WTA 98): the Sensitivity is in the main field, although it has dropped in the Ranking. Before the Cut on the 25. February was classified even further to the front. the Timea Cox (29, WTA 113): The Lausannerin has earned a Wildcard for the Main panel with a good appearance at the Australian Open. Sand is covering also your Favorite. the Jil Teichmann (21, WTA 171): and is hot on it. Last Sunday they won in Italy, the ITF tournament on clay this week, double a semi-final.The Swiss guard in Lugano is completed by Ylena In-Albon (20, WTA 179). , as well As the Junior Wimbledon finalist Leonie Küng (18, WTA 534) and Vice-Swiss champion Fiona (18, WTA) and Tess Sugnaux (24, WTA 540) the three qualifying Wildcards.