Certainly, would have also contributed to the Easter holiday to the good result, was informed by the fair management, on Sunday at the conclusion of the Luga. The many visitors, however, showed that the occasion was anchored in Central Switzerland and the development of the exhibition was on the right path. You have to be able to appeal to a mixed audience.

In the context of this year’s Luga stand-up comedian, writer and Director Emil Steinberger for his life’s work, the recognition of the price in 2019 of the Canton of Lucerne. Were honoured moreover, successful participants of the European Universities Games 2018, the students world Cup in 2018 and the winter Universiade. Also, it came to each other of the remaining three Candidates for the Lucerne cantonal Council election, on a Podium.

More than 450 exhibitors, institutions and organizations take advantage of the Luga, in order to present products and convey information. Proven the new Pop-Up offer, in the case of the 24 exhibitors were able to present to two to four days, your unique and precious objects have. The concept will be expanded further next year.

As a magnet for visitors, the special exhibition of the Stokys was according to the responsible builders. During ten days, has been screwed and fiddled. It had suffered the largest Stokys-sculpture of all time.

The next Luga will be held from 24. April to 3. In may 2020, instead of. Then, the firemen’s Association of the Canton of Lucerne, is celebrating the year of its 125th anniversary at the Luga. Also, the Association area hunting Lucerne uses the exhibition as a platform.