Lucy Liu son

In the days of the son of 51-year-old Lucy Lew Rockwell was five years old. The actress, who rarely shares family photos on Twitter, on this occasion made an exception. She showed fans the shot where the boy blows out candles on a birthday cake, decorated with figures of dragons.

My dear son was 5 years old. He is my shining rainbow, its energy — pure magic

— so signed picture of Lucy posing in a funny hat.

the Star also congratulated famous colleagues: Diane Kruger and Soleil moon Frye.

In the second part of your post, she wrote words of support to the presidential candidate of the Democratic party Joe Biden and his companion Senator Kamala Harris.

As a man, a woman, a mother, a daughter — now more than ever, we must unite to fight for the soul of this nation. Let’s all just as sincere as he is, we wish a better and safer future for our children. I fully support #BidenHarris2020 and their vision of an inclusive America, she added, noting Joe and Kamal in his post.

Recall that Rockwell was born in 2015 thanks to a surrogate mother. Liu, who first became a mother at the age of 46, admits he didn’t take not one second spent with your child for granted. The actress says that being a mom is undoubtedly one of its main roles to date.

Surrogacy seemed the right option, because I was working and didn’t know when to stop. I didn’t realize how quickly children develop. Then this little ball suddenly started to observe me, to smile and interact. It is a magical experience

— said the star of the series “Elementary”.

in Addition to the post in honor of the birth of their son, actress published stories devoted to Cevico Bousman. It expressed its condolences in connection with tragic death of the actor. Bozeman died Friday after four years of struggle with colon cancer. The star of “Black Panther” has never publicly spoken about his diagnosis. Bousman was 43 years.

What a huge loss to our community. He left behind such an important legacy for its excellent work in the movie. RIP #ChadwickBoseman,

— written by Lew, was a portrait of the late actor.