signs On the Ring in a pretty corner house, close to the Lucerne, Helvetia place names like the Matterhorn, Vivaldi or Titlis are. For those who live here, the way is usually faster than a plaque with his name on it would be mounted. Almost all of the apartments in the old building in the middle of Lucerne’s Neustadt can be rented on the booking platform Airbnb – companies that make the rental apartments of your business.

cost of living

David Roth (34), President of the SP of the Canton of Lucerne, annoys the. Alone in the city of Lucerne there are now over 330 apartments offered on Airbnb. Almost half of the objects would be administered by four main service providers in the city. The result of Research he has done together with Cyrill Studer Korevaar (46), managing Director of the tenant’s Association of Lucerne and SP-a local politician,. Alone, in the immediate neighbourhood of the corner house at the Helvetia Platz there are two more buildings that consist of significant Parts of the Airbnb apartments.

Studer Korevaar speaks of a “creeping living room destruction ends”. He and Roth estimate that alone in Lucerne accommodation for about 600 persons, due to platforms such as Airbnb lost was gone – and not in the periphery, but in a very desirable location. Roth: “With Airbnb, companies can take a multiple of the rent, which would be a normal rental there.”

The apartment in which you are receiving at the media conference, is one such example. For 469 Swiss francs per night – cleaning costs and fees are exclusive – it is offered on Airbnb. Regular tenant would pay between 2000 and 2500 francs per month. While the agencies would make the big money, went to flute of the city of millions in tax revenue, writes Roth.

the city wants to wait and see

The town of Lucerne, the in question. There is no evidence available so far, “the development of the accommodation has negative effects on the tax revenues of natural persons,” wrote the city Council in may as a response to a procedural request. Until now, the importance of commercial suppliers is low. That is why you see “no need for immediate action”.

Studer Korevaar can thereby shaking the head. Time was of the essence. “The theme must be very high on the political Agenda,” he said. As more and more houses would turn in Airbnb accommodations. The two leaders have cited Figures of the Valais tourism Observatory. Accordingly, the range of via Airbnb and rented apartments in the Canton of Lucerne increased from 2014 to 2017 to about 80 percent.

In the whole of Switzerland, is a topic

The development does not just relate to the city of Lucerne. Airbnb is booming in the whole of Switzerland. And it paves the way not only two SP-politicians in Central Switzerland, Provide. In a number of cities and cantons, the booking platform for political theme, and rules have been adopted, which relates to the Collection of taxes or the permitted Rental time.

to be marketed in the Districts, All apartment houses in the popular Lucerne via Airbnb – and the absence of the local housing market. Nevertheless, the city sees no need for action (VIEW reported). Other cities are already on. An Overview:

most Geneva in the case of the regulation: Since April, 2018, the tenant may their apartments only during a maximum of 60 days per year platforms, such as Airbnb sublet. Everything that is more often rented, is considered commercial and is prohibited.

since July, 2017 Airbnb-holiday rentals, a gift in the Canton of train at least a little bit. Since then, the lodging tax on Airbnb is automatically fed over the platform and on the train of tourism is given. The Canton was the first to have found Airbnb a solution.

For a year now, Airbnb is also making the Zurich City Tax (2.50 CHF per night and per person) for all bookings in the Canton of automatically and forwards it to the Zurich tourism.

a Similar model exists in Basel-country , Basel-Stadt and Schaffhausen . Other cantons, such as Bern , Freiburg and Lucerne to negotiate with the Sharing platform. This is worth at least a little bit: Last year, Airbnb Switzerland well 640’000 Swiss francs tourism has drawn charges.

The city of Berne is not enough: The government does not want to prohibit the temporary rental of the old town,-second homes for the rental rates to fuel more. Parliament and the people, however, must still agree. (sf)

Also in Lucerne is negotiated in terms of taxes with Airbnb already for a long time. Satisfied, Roth and Studer Korevaar not but. You threaten with an Initiative when the city of the Airbnb Business a big company pushes out a bolt.