41 Nations will compete in the ESC in Tel Aviv against each other. And, again, will depend mainly on Charisma and musical quality, which is the Song the Jury and the audience enthusiastic. However, there are some statistical factors that have emerged in the last 63 expenditure as a guarantee of success – not least the sex.

A look at the winners of the previous competitions shows that you tend to be at an advantage when you are racing solo, and a woman is: 37 the number of the female participants, the clear majority of the total of 66 winners (1969, there were four of them). The two TRANS artists Dana International and Conchita Wurst have not been counted yet. But even so, the balance sheet is clear.

Only 17 Times a Band was able to get the win, only ten Times by a man at the end had the biggest smile of Victory on his face. And a real race to catch up, the men will not start, has been in the past ten years, however, with Alexander Rybak from Norway (2009), Mans Zelmerlöw from Sweden (2015) and, most recently, Salvador Sobral (2017), only three men the trophy home. Seen such bad conditions for the Swiss participants Luca Hänni.

on the Other hand – who knows, have the men but this year, the Overhand: 12 Duos or Bands are 15 male solo artists and 14 female participants. Most likely have to make since the formations with several artists Worries, won the last Duo Ell & Nikki from Azerbaijan in 2011, in the Contest. And with the shock Lordi from Finland in 2006, rockers the last victory of a Band is even further.