He speaks for the first time about his new love! Shortly before the Valentine’s day Luca Hänni (24) made on Instagram, publicly, that he has a new girlfriend: a primary school teacher, Michèle (26) has captured the heart of the singer from Uetendorf. “I’m so proud and happy that I found you,” he wrote under one of the pictures.

Now, the “American idol”-winner of 2012 told to LOOK at how he has the blonde from Niederwangen BE met. Accordingly, it is radioed to the already in last autumn. “We met at a Party,” says Hänni. “I quickly realized that it is a mega woman. She has me blown away!”

“I love your emotional, loving and kind,”

Michèle have a Master’s degree in education Sciences, continue to be as a teacher for fifth and sixth class, as Luca Hänni. They would have had great conversations, but could fool around. “I can be as I am,” said the Bernese. And adds, beaming: “I love your emotional, loving kind.”

And, apparently, Cupid has hit the musician already very shortly after the love with Ex-girlfriend Tamara (25): The two have parted ways after eight years in the autumn, how Hänni said at the beginning of September to VIEW. For a couple therapist Klaus army there is such a thing as a respect to the distance from one Partner to the next but not. “The power of love, what she wants. Always and everywhere,” says the psychologist to VIEW. There is no rule, what is the separation time is concerned. “To decide only the gut feelings of the Neuverliebten. And his new partner. The head has to be reported as good as nothing.”