Lower rates mortgage, medicines and netcapital: Mishustin gave instructions to the government

the Maternity capital, shortage of medicines, the transition of the savings Bank under government control. A meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on amendments to the budget, went far beyond the dry forecasts, and numbers. We started with one of the folk themes — mortgages that Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin admitted is very expensive.

the National project “Housing and the urban environment” expects to increase by 2024, the commissioning of housing from 80 to 120 million square meters per year. But who will buy these homes at current mortgage rate of 9%?

This, of course, is not 16 percent, which was in 2006. There are preferential mortgage: 6 per cent for families with children, 3% — in villages, 2 — in the far East. But for most families and 9 per cent — a heavy burden.

“In General, the mortgage is very expensive. And here the President has made clear that he expects us mortgage interest rates below 8 percent. It is necessary to do so to banks it was not possible to wind the bet. You need to create additional incentives for housing development to actively use the vacant land, including Federal property,” — said Mikhail Mishustin.

Many banks do not report that their earlier loan, you can refinance, you have to take it again at a lower rate and reduce monthly payment. The Prime Minister instructed his deputies together with the Central Bank to simplify this process and provide people with more information.

More than 90 million Russians keep their money in Sberbank, so his fate applies to nearly everyone. Now a controlling stake in Sberbank belongs to the Central Bank. The government will buy the package for about 2.5 trillion rubles from the national welfare Fund. From the simple investor it looks as shifting from one state pocket into another. Why is this done and how will it affect the condition of the FNB?

“First, the reliability of the investment Fund national Blagosostoyanieia obtained a good asset, which pays us dividends and brings profitability. Second, we at the expense of profits, which is formed from the Central Bank, the revenue in the budget for several years, direct them to the financing of the Message. We get only advantages for the government, the Central Bank and for the depositors of the savings Bank” — says the Minister of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov.

That is the profit from the sale will be used to implement the message of the President — assistance for families with children, upgrading of hospitals and clinics, hot meals in schools, subsidised medicines.

Scarce imported drugs for the treatment of children with severe diseases of the Central nervous system will be purchased by the government. The document the Prime Minister has already signed.

“Parents are willing to literally do anything to help their child, until the violation of the laws, said Mishustin. And here we must do everything possible not to put people in front of such a difficult choice. Therefore, the government allocates the necessary amount for the purchase of medicines needed by sick children for health reasons. Tatiana, it is obvious that the problem requires a systemic solution. I would ask you to monitor the need for such medications, especially if we do not have quality domestic counterparts and, if necessary, react as quickly as possible”.

social action Message in the budget will add about two trillion rubles.