Markus Huber* (59) has enough logs in to a VIEW, to tell his story. “We are the Oppressed,” he says on the phone. “My employer only pays the Minimum.” Huber only gets about 3,600 Swiss francs net per month paid. And in the case of a full-time job: “In this wage, I feel cheated me and exploited,” says Huber.

trained as a mechanical engineer working as operational staff in a small industrial plant in the Canton of Aargau. Out of fear of losing the Job, he doesn’t want to read his name in the newspaper.

With this wage he lived rather poorly as a right, replies the Standalone to the question according to his life circumstances. This is only possible because he lives in the country and a small apartment. Nevertheless, Huber knows what he gets at the end of the month, cash in Hand, even if it is a low wage.

3000 Swiss francs basic salary

Others are worse off. For Example, Andrea Vollmer*. The 54-Year-old’s need to recruit for your company new customers. An activity, which she describes as challenging. Your Basic Salary: 3000 Swiss Francs. For this, you and your colleagues must develop a minimum revenue. You create more, then there is Commission. However, they had trouble with the Minimum. “The daily produces psychological and physical pressure,” says Vollmer.

More than half of the reviews came from women. No coincidence, because they are much more affected by low-wage work as men.

mini bonus of 240 francs

for example, Bianca Wertli* (35). She works in a call center and earn 4000 francs gross. A Bonus of 240 francs comes. However, to earn the Team these with Successes. Again, 80 francs you get as a loyalty bonus. The bottom line is the maximum of 4320 francs. “And in the shift operation,” adds Wertli.

child care is not always paid well, even if it is a for the company a very important task: for the hour is calculated down Maria Lenkovac* (28) earned just for 5.60 francs. It is a day of mother – a full-time job with high responsibility. “A beautiful Job, but totally under paid for what we do!”

Almost no rest days

Not only the wage, the work conditions contribute much to the well-being. As Peter Zumsteg* (45) has a double bad luck: For him it falls short not only in wages, but also in the terms and conditions of employment. The father of two earned 4535 francs per month. So he comes on first glance, it is just above the low pay threshold.

there is, However, Zumstegs workload of 43 hours. This comes to the fact that the work is divided on a five-day week. The costs of the important days of rest. And energy that he would need to find a better-paid and scheduled Job.

* names have been changed