More than one in every ten Swiss workers working for less 4335 francs per month. This shows in the case of a full-time workload of 40 hours a week, as a new survey by the Federal office for statistics to the year 2016. Overall, therefore, toil 473’700 people for a low wage.

A low-wage less than two-thirds of the Swiss gross median wage in accordance with the Definition. 2016 fraud, this 6502 francs. Half of Swiss employees earned more than this amount and half less.


Particularly affected, often for little money by women. Two-thirds of the total 473’700 Affected are female employees. Thus, while only 7.6 per cent of men occupy a low wage job, for women 17 percent. In comparison to the preceding survey 2014 the share of women remained stable, the proportion of men increased slightly by 0.1 percent. In absolute Numbers, but there is in both sexes a slight decline.

Similar to clear the Numbers from the fall to the sectors of the economy. Particularly many low-wage jobs in the retail trade, catering and accommodation. The largest share of low-wage places, the industry revealed, but “Other personal services” with 59.1 percent. This Coiffeur salons and dry cleaners hide. In the Gastro-industry, every second is a low-wage.

Smaller companies employ more low-wage earners

the Decisive factor for the share of low-wage jobs in a company is its Size. The Federal office for statistics, writes of a “strong” connection: “Generally, a company is: The larger, the smaller the low-wage share of positions.”

Particularly strong from low wages, workers without completed vocational education, under 20-Year-old, part-time work with working hours of less than 50 percent, and Ticino. (jfr)