What annoys Swiss to your Bank? This question, the independent Online comparison service money the country has.ch investigated. It quickly becomes clear: the Swiss are extremely demanding and critical customers.

In the survey, respondents had to indicate their satisfaction on a scale of 1 (not at all satisfied) to 10 (very satisfied). The result: The Swiss population is not with all the banking services satisfied.

The most Swiss Bank clients nervous about the low interest on Savings. On average, customers only 5.4 out of 10 points. After that, fees and expenses (6 of 10), funds (6.7 points) and exchange rates (6.9 points).

air to the top of the customer satisfaction

But also in Trading (6.9 points), personal loans (up 7.1 points) and the mortgage (7.3 points) would still be plenty of air to the top of the customer satisfaction.

manage The assets of the Bank customers surveyed to assess with 7.4 points, Preparedness products, such as the pillar 3a, also with 7.4 points. Am satisfied they are with credit cards (7.5 points), the extent of the range (7.7 points), as well as the quality of the advice (7.8 points).

Amazing: “even Though the Swiss Bank’s customers with fees and costs are to be dissatisfied, and these criteria are important to assess, change hardly the Bank,” says Benjamin Manz, managing Director of money country.ch.

the Swiss exchange are lazy, even in the case of banks

The exchange of the idleness of the Swiss is notorious, it is said, in a media release. Even more than in the case of mobile phone subscriptions and health insurance for Bank accounts and other Bank products. For the majority of the population, a change of the Bank in the next few years was unlikely.

Only 13 percent of the account-holder of a party in exchange for a private account in the coming years, according to the study, more likely to very likely. The savings account, and in the case of mortgages, the values are similar to deep.

“The low level of customer satisfaction at the interest rates and fees,” says Benjamin Manz surprised. In fact, the interest rates are historically low, while the fees are in Swiss Banking.