Low-income families with young children will receive new payments

a New support measure for those families where the earnings of parents do not allow per capita income below the subsistence minimum for each family member.

Photo: iStock the state Duma has simplified the receipt of social support to families with children

to Assign this payment will start from 1 July. But it will charge from 1 January. This was previously announced by the Minister of labour and social protection Anton Kotkov. According to him, this tool should be one of the first payments, which will be used byactive the target system. That is, families will not have to run themselves with pieces of paper, inquiries and statements. The state due to the operation of the electronic system itself will determine to whom the money is needed, and will notify the recipients about this opportunity through the state services portal. Until a final order is not defined, but it is assumed that after that one of the parents will only have to visit a multifunction center of public services and sign the statement. To define assignment rules, payouts the government will have until April 1. This period was set by the President. To determine the size of payments data will be used for the second quarter of the previous year, says the decree. For example, in Sverdlovsk region this year source living wage will be slightly more than 11 thousand rubles, and for the capital – about 17.7 thousand rubles.

the Payment will assign to families with per capita income below the subsistence minimum in the region

Payments referred to in the decree, will be appointed only until the end of the year. After 1 January 2021 in order to change. In the first place will increase the amount of families in which after receiving the money, the level of per capita income will not reach the subsistence level. The main goal is to provide the necessary money for polezention education and development of children of all who need it. In parallel, it will develop a system of social contracts and other measures of state support that will help families to solve their problems, to stand up and start to earn a living independently. All this should help the economy to overcome the “trap of low demand”.