Democratic nominee for US president Joe Biden appeared to have said that all Latino kids speak Spanish during his speech about the community’s importance. It provoked online outrage, both about the comment and the MSM silence.

Biden made the provocative statement during a virtual forum organized by Voto Latino – an organization that encourages young Latino voters to register to cast their ballot.

“Latinos are among the fastest-growing populations in the United States,” Biden told American composer Lin-Manuel Miranda on Tuesday. “Already one quarter of our school children … are Latinos, speak Spanish”, he said, reiterating, “One quarter!”

The remark seems to have been ignored by the mainstream media, but it did provoke outrage online. It was perceived as insensitive, homogenizing the US Latinos who speak a broad variety of languages besides Spanish, including French and Portuguese, and those who speak only English.

“Joe Biden literally said today that all Latino kids speak Spanish, and I didn’t see a blip of it anywhere,” said a Twitter user on Tuesday, having uncovered the clip.

Joe Biden literally said today that all latino kids speak Spanish, and I didn’t see a blip of it anywhere lol.

A commenter chimed in, saying that Biden’s remark fits well with his “grandpa who didn’t mean anything by it” persona.

tbh “all latino kids speak spanish” is perfectly within in the Dumbass Grandpa Who Didn’t Mean Nothing By It wheelhouse

“Low Bar 2020” – was a joking suggestion for the septuagenarian Democrat’s campaign slogan.

Low Bar 2020″lower than you thought it could be”(please clap)

Another Twitter comedian proposed that maybe next time Biden would use the politically correct term and say, “All Latinx kids speak Spanish”.

I’m fully confident that if keep on him we can get him to say that all *Latinx* kids speak Spanish by the end of his firsr term

The former vice president has a known problem with Latino voter enthusiasm, helped only by the fact that his opponent Donald Trump is even less popular with the community. And it’s difficult to see how his frequent gaffes will help him change that.

The Democratic nominee was in hot water on 6 August, after saying that Latinos are “incredibly diverse … unlike the African American community”. That comment gained so much attention that even Trump tweeted out that Biden “is no longer worthy of the Black vote”.

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