the Commission called upon all countries of the European Union (EU) to lift restrictions on entry for residents of States that do not yet exist in the “green list” if these people are in a relationship with an EU citizen. This is reported by “Izvestia”.

“representatives of the European Commission have repeatedly called for their removal for the partners of our citizens from third countries”, — reported in the European Commission. There have indicated that they are now working on the details of such initiative.

Germany has already expressed a willingness to put lovers of the citizens of Germany the Russians. According to foreign Minister Horst Seehofer, 10 Aug lovers can visit the country, but it will have to collect an impressive package of documents.

the documents include the invitation from the partner living in Germany, the dual statement about the validity of the relationship, and the proof of the previous meetings in Germany or abroad, e.g. plane tickets, one direction, confirmation in the same hotel.

it is Also noted that in addition to Germany, this problem caught the interest of the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland. However, the question of which countries are still considering the opportunity to provide a response to the European Commission could not.

Earlier it was reported that Europe again refused to open the border for Russian tourists — Russia is not included in the list of States with which the message will be restored on the background of the pandemic. While in Russia by the beginning of August the visa application centers of most European countries has resumed, but the services are available only to a limited list of entities.