On Monday night, the new season of scandal show “Love Island” will begin. In the last few years, the consignment of Sex provided in front of the camera and constant partner switch for headlines. With Elena Miras (27) and Jessica Fiorini (23) were also two Swiss girls for the other TV highlights are responsible. RTL 2 is now hoping that with Dijana Cvijetic (25) the next Swiss makes for excitement.

This gives in an Interview with a VIEW but clearly prudish than their predecessors. She makes it clear: “Sex in front of the camera, there is not! This is not an option for me at all.”

thanks to the deal to nickname

Dijana Cvijetic advertising once wanted to be a Miss Universe. Later, she was in the headlines because “American idol”Star Daniele Negroni (24) fell in love after the video clip-turning into you. A promotional deal with “Ceylor” brought her finally to the Spitznamne “Miss condom”. Whether you will tell in the TV? After all, you search for your Mr. Right.

“My goal is that I can leave in four weeks, together with my new friend of the show,” she says. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason why you participate in the Trash-TV Show. “Anyone who says he does not do because of the range, is lying,” says Dijana.

Gentleman looking for

her dream man as she has visually no exact idea. “Finally, the character counts, whether we stay together. He must definitely be a Gentleman who is honest and attentive. I like it when a man is a little jealous.” This will show her that you mean your Partner something.

reason for jealous drama you don’t want to offer “Love Island” but. “I don’t throw myself to every guy! It’s enough for me, if I find a suitable man,” she explains. The other Ladies need to take but still in front of her. “I’m not a bitch, but if a guy belongs to me, then he is m a! I make it clear to the other also.”