butterflies in the stomach, and indescribable feelings of happiness – so we feel at the beginning of a relationship. But, unfortunately, not always like this. The better you know yourself, the more you take, the blemish of the other. Or maybe you’re the biggest Drama already?

1. Infatuation

The old rose-colored glasses – Oh, how beautiful love can be? You will feel a tingling sensation in your stomach and just have to smile at the sight of your partner. You never want to be without each other and just can’t understand why others find love so scary complicated, because it’s all so wonderful.

In this love Chapter, one does not know the Partner well enough to recognize features, like. You will usually see only the Positive and it is hormonal, a state of emergency for about a year.

2. Falling in love feeling disappears

the glasses Is then once you start to recognize the flaws of your partner. Perhaps you can now see properties that you have missed previously and you are now completely inappropriate to appear. Take the Partner under the microscope, what are the properties like and what not.

Here you can see the people as he really is. The seduced, a lot of criticism of the partners to leave out, and to be finally quite annoyed. It is important in this Phase, however, is that you love enough self-awareness so that you can fight back.

At this point, many couples separate because they are of the opinion that the new butterflies to come. But beware: after the infatuation phase, the true love and acceptance of the flaws of your partner’s begins.

3. Fights

you Have made it through the second Phase, the “battle” in the third Chapter. Here is probably quarreled often, and discussed – and that is a good thing. You test your limits and learn how to Partner in a different way. It now goes to a competition and a power struggle, each the last word.

Unfortunately, many couples separate in this Phase, because you are not Convinced, to fit to each other. The crucial point, however, lies elsewhere: Are you ready to lead the fight with your Partner and time with him through this? If Yes, congratulations, you have overcome your Pride, and are ready for Phase four!

4. I, You and We

Finally comes to some peace in the everyday life. The power of past fights and uses his power for personal development. This is happening now, however, with the acceptance of the positive and negative qualities of the other.

Clearly, still there may be disputes, but these are now viewed from a different angle: You do not overcome them as individual fighters, but together. You now have more interest in, and promote the development of the partner – he is self-contained, but belongs to you.

5. Arrival

Who arrived in the last Phase, it is allowed to count as an official “Couple Goals”. They are together gone through thick and thin and always know more. Of course there is disagreement, however, the Pair solves these together or comes with unsolvable ticket things.

For now, both partners have recognised that you have a lot more to one another than to their own stubborn head. In addition, one has to know not only the Strengths and weaknesses of each other, but also knows to deal with them. It is now arrived at home.