Between Bradley Cooper (44) and Irina Shayk (33) is after four years together, everything. Since the filming of Cooper’s directorial debut “A Star Is Born” with Lady Gaga (33) in the main role, it should be with the relationship gone downhill. “Bradley was emotionally absent, during the long period in which he “A Star Is Born” filming”, explains a source “People.” “You tried to save the relationship, but she has changed.”

Before the love was known, had the actor and the Model, “a lot of time separated from each other,” spent. According to a source, they lived entirely separate lives. “When he was in Los Angeles, she was not in the city. If she was there, he was gone,” says the Insider.

Shayk steers up to date with work from

According to the Award Shows at the beginning of the year was dedicated to Cooper intensive of his family. Since it was already too late to mend love to model. Shayk distracts currently with work: she shared in Instagram shots from a trip to Iceland, where she poses for an Italian clothing brand.

Since the shooting of “A Star Is Born” was always rumored to be a flirtation between Cooper and Lady Gaga. Especially the joint Performance at this year’s Oscars, where the Stars showed strikingly familiar, fueled the rumors. The pop star denied the rumors of an affair with Cooper on several occasions. At a concert the singer said, before she performed the movie-Hit “Shallow”: “something: be nice or fuck off.”

“No Chance that Gaga and Bradley come together”

As an Insider to “The Sun” reveals, don’t think Cooper to bill and COO with Lady Gaga. “No Chance that Gaga and Bradley come together. Not now – they are very good friends and have a lot of contact, but it’s not his Style to start a new relationship. Especially after all the rumors. He wouldn’t do that.” (kad)