Borgerhout, Louis Denaph (80), best known as the songwriter and lead singer for the Men of the Universe, it is over the weekend died from the impact of the solar corona. In the 90’s and took over the co’s of the project, the city of Antwerp, and a lot of braderijen, and they scored a couple of hits. A daughter, Tania Denaph was on Thursday and Friday and have to say goodbye to her father. “He has decided not to, but I’m with the nurses and the doctors of the ZNA Stuivenberg very grateful for all that they have done so far.”

“We are zen, and the men of the universe”: who’s in the ‘90’s consciously made, it will no doubt be known to you at the moment. It was a song that is traditionally sung by the team members of the project for the city of Antwerp, when a colleague retired. “In the end, the four co-sNoel Vervloet,Plays Qualm,Louis Beeckman enLouis Denaph the song is even recorded,” says an authority on the first song, Glenn Pellis. “You could see the Men on the Lease, what is comparable with the Strangers. A group of really cool people in the audience treated to a fun and funky song. In braderijen, they were very welcome guests. Also, socially they were very, very involved. As a part of the hunopbrengsten gave it away to a charity. Louis had, besides, the singer also wrote the lyrics.”

as He gasped for air. Horrible to see, horrible. He needed to get to the resuscitator, because without it, he would just choke on.

– Daughter, Tania

it’s in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Antwerp-based chansonnier and died from the effects of the corona virus. Since Thursday, the 12th of march was as Louis in the ZNA effectiveness of the siren system, after the nurse found him on the floor of his zorgflat. “The day before, he called us, and he complained of pain in his leg,” said his daughter, Tania. “My dad was still living on its own. He was, however, home support, and there was a cleaning lady, but as for the rest, he was still very self-sufficient and is wrong, he is in good health. We found ourselves in no great request in the fall, and we thought of it at all, not in the corona.”

Fever –

from the ZNA Stuivenberg was in a fever to be measured and a coronatest taken. That turned out to be positive. “He would call me. “I’ve got bad news for you,” he said on the phone. “Of course it can be scary for a moment. You can hear it every day on the news and all of a sudden you’ll have to face. The first day, but the doctors are still positive. His blood counts were good and he was well-spoken,” adds Tania continued. “But now”, sigh, they are. “In 24 hours, his condition sharply deteriorated. He gasped for air. Horrible to see, horrible. He needed to get to the resuscitator, because without it, he would simply suffocate.”

as Louis had been told to his daughter that he is not a machine and wanted to finish, and even a stay in intensive care, said he would not. “Is that you have to respect, and, therefore, we have that, too. On Saturday, they will have morphine to ease the pain. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, he’s dead.”

saying Farewell with a protective mask

on Friday, Tania has yet to say goodbye. “It is very difficult to realize that someone had to give up. Indeed, in these circumstances. You need to be aware of that you are saying goodbye to a protective mask, and wear gloves, an apron, and in the hallway as dozens of other people, coughing and gasping for breath. Something like that will leave a lasting impression.”

it’s all over with the help of the doctors and the nursing staff of the ZNA Stuivenberg, Tania has only words of appreciation. “These people have done everything they could to make my father as best as possible to help you. But all the same, for the whole family. These people deserve all our respect for what they do on a daily basis it is hard to imagine. That is why I am also furious when I see that there are still people who have the rules to their day in court and the rags, and yet in the group to come out. They don’t have a clue as to what damage they are doing.”