The court documents. The couple did not appear for the reading of the charges even before the Federal court in Boston, but submitted through his lawyers only written documents.

The 54-year-old Loughlin and her husband should have paid for 500’000 dollars, so that their two daughters will be accepted at the University of Southern California. A week ago, the indictment was extended. The couple will be charged in addition to conspiracy to commit fraud is now conspiracy to money laundering. For both charges together up to 40 years in prison.

With a confession of guilt Loughlin from the TV series “Full House” and “Fuller House” could have been a spectacular process and a long prison sentence, possibly, to avert it.

In contrast to Loughlin, the former “Desperate Housewives”actress Felicity Huffman, last week pleaded guilty. The 56-Year-old was, according to judicial information, to have 15’000 dollars for better results of your daughter in a test of paid.

The corruption scandal became known in mid-March: Wealthy parents should have paid bribes so their children were admitted to Elite universities. Are affected including Yale, Georgetown University, Washington, and California’s Stanford University.

The bribes went to William Singer, who by means of a sophisticated network for the recording of low-skilled students. So, he had to falsify test results, and bribed the coach, the place of study candidates agreed to above-average athletic performance, to get a sports scholarship.

Singers criminal organization collected a total of $ 25 million from parents. He is already guilty and is cooperating with the investigating authorities. Against the concerned universities have been so far initiated any proceedings.


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