It is the saddest-Swiss folk song: “Ds Vreneli ab em Guggisbärg” is. However, bullion coin home, the farming village of Guggisberg BE, has no reason to be moping. Because the municipality floats suddenly in the money!

thanks to the happiness of an inhabitant, who has played in 2016, the lottery and the Jackpot is cracked. When, exactly, also do not know in the village, nobody, including how much you had on the account. But it must have been, according to the “Berner Zeitung”, a two-digit million amount.

Budget Plus instead of a Minus

The need to pay tax on the winner, of course. And so it was a big Surprise at this year’s parish Assembly: For once, could be presented in the Budget is a healthy Plus of about 1.6 million Swiss francs instead of the originally budgeted loss of 144’000 Swiss francs. A huge sum for the village with around 1500 inhabitants.

Nearly 1.9 million Swiss francs more in taxes Guggisberg has taken in the past year. A two-digit million amount from the lottery was distributed in June 2016, a lucky guy: exactly 19 million, 705’765 Swiss francs and 10 centimes. He went to Guggisberg?

“Neither envy nor resentment”

On the streets of the quiet Village, the Locals speak not about the subject. It was “tricky”, is it. Quickly, the few passers-by that scurrying on the road. No one wants to be exposed. But who is the lucky winner, has already spread around. You should treat her and her husband but of the heart, i.e., it is everywhere.

“There is neither envy nor resentment is felt”, says a craftsman who knows the winner. “The people have won, you still have to work.” Would you be able to expand your house. “And she bought a Villa on the lake.” You am here with you.

“Draw on so long as it is”

parish President Hanspeter Schneiter (independent) says: “We’re very excited about the Boon, but in the luxury we live anyway! We need to keep house with the money deal and are in need of the financial compensation.”

Nevertheless, The municipality could now reduce the taxes to one-tenth. And so the population to give something back. “The tax cut is temporary, we can stay for three, four or five years deep, then we need to back up to the previous level,” says Schneiter. “We live simply so long, is dismissed from the unexpected Boon.”

For the individual taxpayer, it will amount to a year, although only a few Hundred francs. But Marc Zbinden (27) says on behalf of all residents: “Only 100 Swiss francs less on the tax bill would be pleased.”

Finally, investment

in 2018, the impact of the profit on the annual financial statements of Guggisberg. And the municipality was finally able to work a right chunk in the Maintenance for the 90 kilometres of roads and invest, which are part of Guggisberg.

Newcomers Jeremy Schenk (22) knew about the lottery win: “that’s super, if I have to pay the same from the first year here in Guggisberg less taxes.”