Lost closed to quarantine the theatres and the audience

Vakhtangov quarantined

Kirill KROK: the Situation with coronavirus strongly hit theaters. Federal and municipal, of course, receive financial support from the state, but these funds cover only a small part of the cost. It is anticipated that the remaining funds needed for the maintenance of the theatre and salaries, we earn ourselves. But if the theater closes, the losses enormous. Even now, in a short while the quarantine period, from 17 March to 10 April, we were forced to cancel 109 performances. We have to return about 50 million rubles, which we will do in full. And then the summer season, when interest in the theatre and without that traditionally declines. Usually in early may we begin to experience some difficulty selling tickets. Now the situation could become critical.

Photo: courtesy of the press service of the Alexandrinsky theatre. Alexandrinsky theatre will show the premiere of “Mauser” live

As it will hit the budget theater?

Kirill KROK: a Concrete example: the salary of each employee, about half is the money that the theatre has earned. We estimate that our reserves will last for two months, plus vacation pay.

Now get out to the Internet?

Kirill KROK: Yes, like all the other theatres. Organize Internet broadcasts of the performances, we continue meeting with Vakhtangov online on our website. But theatre is an art which is here and now. Emotions, feelings and energy that are transmitted from artist to viewer is not able to substitute the live webcast. Is it possible to make money on this? No! One view – 400 rubles. Of this money, we pay 20 per cent VAT, 10-15 per centthe provider and those who sells tickets. So it’s not for money but for people who love theater and want to sit at home meaningless.

When the theaters will be able to return to normal life?

Kirill KROK: In this I am a pessimist. God grant that by September, the people again began to go to theatres. I’m not saying that people have enough money for a ticket. Coronavirus has already hit small and medium-sized businesses, many remain without a salary and even work. With this face the whole cultural industry in the country. And will have to try very hard to return the interest to the theater.

If there is no help from the government, from the state, from city, all theaters, especially commercial, will be closed for the”Golden mask” in the circumstances photo: Photo courtesy of the press service of MKZ Daria Moroz and Ivan Rudin made in the empty hall of the “Zaryadye”

Maria Revyakina: Program “Golden mask” in connection with the events postponed, we immediately announced on the festival website. And the performances, and the awards will be held at a different time. Exactly when is impossible to say yet: until April, as it is not until may, we’re closed.

as for the economic side of things, but now the refunds of tickets for the Theatre of Nations amount to 52 million rubles for the “Golden mask” as a whole – 34 million rubles. All the state theatres has appealed to the Ministry of Finance – we now await a decision from the Agency, to what extent we may be compensated for the damages. All know this is force majeure, from our situation is not affected.

Hope musical theatre

Alexander Novikov: Despite the quarantine and the lack of performances, artists and musicians who are much ne lack creativity, home recorded videos of our performances, Efim Shifrin reading poetry and puts on his page, and we on ours. We cancelled all the shows our premiere of “primetime,” which is just that, on March 5, showed, and, of course, hit hard by us. Canceled performances in April. Even if the 10 April, the quarantine will be removed – the audience will not run, will be a plume of fear of a ban.

We are a commercial theatre, that is, depend only on their tickets and using different structures. But the artists we have are not so poor. Now everything is got paid for what he worked until March 15. Next, we decided to keep the rehearsal salary, which is the same for all. Is the minimum, but even so. Will try to get out of the situation with a human face. Although the situation is catastrophic: every day of downtime – a half million rubles. This is a very strong blow to the theater and artists.

Photo: “Soyuzmultfilm” has launched an online marathon of cartoons on quarantine

We, unfortunately, can’t lay out a Network of our performances, this is due to copyright. But I really want to thank our viewers. Only six percent gave us back our tickets for performances from March 15 to July 12. We in return guarantee them the right to use these tickets as soon as possible. It really helps us to relive the situation.

will tax breaks for cultural institutions? I don’t really understand the universal joy on this occasion. Encumbrance is not removed, just made it a tax break. But then to pay anyway. It will prolong the convulsions, but the agony will not remove. Hope we have only in the fall. Live now in the hope that in September we will open the tenth season of musical Theatre for our March premiere of "Prime time” – give her a second chance.

But if there is no effective assistance from the government, from the state, from city, all theaters, especially commercial, will be closed. Yes, now I can help the artists, the workshops pay a minimum so that people can live and pay their loans, mortgages, because they, like the theatres, no one has canceled. But if in September the audience will be nothing to go to theatres, the theatres will close.


Review of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation:

so far, the theatres do not work for a few days, but despite this, the Ministry of culture in cooperation with the theatres considering the possible mechanisms of compensation and the estimated amount.

Photo: Press-service of the Museum of theatre and music In the Theatrical Museum will host the broadcast, theatrical readings

All Federal theatres on the websites posted information about the order of return of tickets. The viewers are offered a variety of options: you can return the tickets and get a refund, it is possible to exchange tickets for the same performance in the fall. For example, the Bolshoi theatre, which previously produced a refund for the tickets on the basis of a written statement posted on its website new rules that refunds for tickets purchased online or paid by credit card automatically on the account from which a payment was made without a written application. But it should be noted that many viewers do not want to return tickets, and asking to rebook them at a later date, thus expressing their solidarity with the theatre.

as funds from ticket sales go to the theater as income from paid services, refunds for tickets are now being done from the same sourceka. In case of lack of theatre resources for the various objective reasons the situation in each theater is considered separately.


none of the audience from the theatres of the material will not be affected. Money for pre-purchased tickets will be refunded at 100% volume. The scheme return is everywhere the same:

1. Money for tickets purchased at the box office (for cash or non-cash), return to the box-office.

Photo: iStock Russian Museum has launched an online lecture

2. The audience bought electronic tickets on the official websites of the theatre, the funds will be transferred to Bank cards – in some theatres automatically, in number – when completing the application for refund and sending it to the email address.

3. Tickets purchased from partners of the theatre are refundable at place of purchase. If tickets are bought from official partners, the money will be fully refunded agencies.

4. Offered as an option another option not to take the tickets and take advantage of them in September. In many performances (attention: not at all, there are exceptions) tickets purchased at the box office and on the theatre’s website, will be valid. But since the September Billboard with specific dates of transfer being formed, and will only be presented in the near future, and not all theaters will be able to offer (see paragraph 1-3).

5. Details, templates of applications and the timing of return you need to look on the official websites of theatres. They are slightly different. The Bolshoi theatre, for example, refunds for tickets purchased at the box office, in person until may 30, 2020, and the money for the tickets that were purchased at the box office of the Bolshoi theater with the use of Bank cards, lists automatically within 30 working days after the date of the show. While personal visits to the offices to write a refund request or sending an appropriate email is required.

Photo: courtesy of the press service of “Russian seasons” start online marathon Stay home

In the Vakhtangov theatre, spectators who have bought e-tickets, the procedure simplify: the money transferred to the Bank card automatically. But the timing of refunds for tickets purchased at the box office of the Theater Vakhtangov, stretching it out: the performances, cancelled before April 10, and the money can be returned to the box office before April 10.

6. There is a silver lining. Online screenings of recordings of performances that have to move many theaters today, and even premieres in the new format, absolutely free. Take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Prepared Irina Korneeva