Loss of contact with reality: scandals led to the change of power in Chuvash Republic

And now again about changing the head of the Chuvash Republic. Today, the President dismissed Mikhail Ignatyev and appointed acting head of the Republic Deputy of the state Duma Oleg Nikolaev. It will be presented to the authorities of the region tomorrow. But Nikolaev already understands the problems of the Chuvash Republic, chief of which he cited the low level of income.

Dismissed from his post in connection with loss of trust. Michael Ignatieff led the Chuvashia in 2010. The resignation was preceded by a series of scandals.

the Latest this week discussed the whole country. The official forced the emergency workers to leap for the keys to her brand new fire engine.

In the region called the episode a “friendly joke.” But the Minister Evgeny Senichev found the behavior unacceptable Ignatieff. Sam, the former Governor rushed to make amends at the meeting said that is respectful to the staff of the Ministry.

“When questions are asked by different people, interpretation, distinguished Ministers, comments it is necessary to give correctly, based on numbers. We are not ashamed of fire safety on the territory of our Republic,” — said Ignatieff.

did Not help – the joke was worth the first membership card. The Secretary General Council of “United Russia” Andrey Turchak said that the universal outrage is completely deserved, and now looks like the Governor’s chair.

“If the person twice is the President of the Republic as a successful Manager, and he allows himself such jokes, such antics, then the President assumes new responsibility for its fate and deprived of his post of the Governor”, — said Dmitry Solonnikov, a political scientist, Director of the Institute of contemporary state development.

Before the scandal with the officer of the Ministry the head of the Republic marked a sharp statement to the press. The celebrations on the occasion of the Day of the Russian press called “wet” journalists for criticizing the authorities.

“we Need to clearly identify: it is necessary to soak them, as people say. Need waterb. To tell where they came from, what thoughts are, where you live, where you work, what you earn. It is necessary to speak”, — said Ignatieff.

It was publicly condemned by his fellow politicians. He apologized, but the sediment remained. The scandal has reached far beyond the Russian media. Call Ignatieff condemned the OSCE and the UN.

“You know, do notice certain things, there is among the governors. Do contact with reality is lost, people any potentates feel. It is absolutely wrong conclusions and the decision that was made by the President of Russia, will become a powerful signal to all officials,” — says Vadim Manukyan, expert media Commission of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

Experts point out that the dismissal with the phrase “loss of confidence” – the solution a rare and usually concerns the officials under the criminal case. In this case, there is more of a political miscalculation, or as it is called today – the loss of contact with reality.