water is the ideal Element to train joint-gentle. In no other way, it is possible in this way. Water sports are therefore very good for people with a little more weight. Training in the water provides a very diverse and broad spectrum and is therefore suitable both for leisure as well as for professional athletes.

benefits of water aerobics

• It is the muscles

• It relaxes the Tendons, ligaments, and joints, protects (the man weighs in the water, only 10 percent of his body weight)

• the General physical and mental well-being

• Training in water improves poses hardly any risk of accident or injury

Apart from the various swimming styles are now available in virtually any indoor pool in other courses. Here you will find an Overview:

water aerobics: Aqua Fitness (Aqua-Fit) or Aqua-Jogging

During an Aqua Fitness hour you are wearing a vest. This is like a diving suit, close to the body. By built-in buoyancy body floats easily in the water and the head remains effortlessly through the water. This buoyancy aid that allows your feet never touch the ground. The Training is based on the so-called “Deep Water Running”, which means it moves through the water as on Land, namely, “going”. With always maintaining the correct posture of the spine and pelvis to slide forward.

This rough running can be auskorrigiert style error and improves. Through the “Deep Water Running” increases the stamina and speed in an efficient and gentle way. These lessons promote with targeted stretching and strengthening exercises, mainly the agility, coordination and strength. The stabilizing vest allows for weightless Floating, you can move the body against the natural resistance of the water charge.

Aqua Aerobics

does The Aqua-Gymnastics hours involve exercises of power, which are moved from the Land into the water. The Water resistance is achieved by a higher intensity. Such lessons usually include Exercises with a variety of AIDS such as water noodles, Aqua Boards or water dumbbells. By running in the water, the Exercises are gentle and controlled, but still intense and full-fledged training unit.

water aerobics: Aqua Fitness, Active or Power

These lessons of life, mainly that they are carried out to appropriate music and Tempo, mostly in shallow water with and without AIDS. Depending on the design of the hour a lot of variety and entertainment value. For informal endurance, strength, coordination, flexibility and well-being are promoted.

condition for water aerobics classes

For participation in the various courses there are no General prerequisites. You should definitely feel comfortable in the water and no acute disease. In case of problems with the blood pressure, you should also be careful. This on the one hand, because it can be dangerous if a “Black eye” is, and on the other because Immersion in the water, and thus the pressure of outside influence on blood vessels flow in the blood.

you should. in the case of water aerobics

Depending on the provider and Region may differ, the names of the various water courses It is therefore important that you check in advance what the Course title actually contains. It water worth courses to try out, because with an hour unit, women consume an average of 200 to 300 calories and men an average of 270 to 400 calories.

Swimming is one of the healthiest sports as it is easy on the joints and not only strength and endurance but also coordination and agility training. In addition, calories are of course burnt – in some cases even more than one thinks. A view shows how you can use the welcome cooling on hot summer at the same time, as a sports Workout.

Fitness Trends come and go, the Swim remains popular. Because it is summer, is healthy, and easy. In any case, if you do it right.


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