losing weight In a single night – it’s only in our Dreams, right? Not quite, because the following drinks are not only for a restful sleep, but also for a fat burning over night.

Who is hoping for now, but to lose an entire dress size, you will be disappointed. For the drinks, crank up the fat burning, and as a result, our body is due to the higher cost of energy tired and we can sleep better.

A good night’s sleep is beneficial to the figure: Because one of the side effects of restless sleep only to fatigue, it can also lead to weight gain. The hormone level device at regular lack of sleep in wrong position, and it stuffs the next day, a lot of unnecessary calories to stay awake, know the nutrition scientist Bridget Murphy from the New York University Langone Medical Center. Then the blood sugar and insulin levels mess and we have to take a guess.

1. Chamomile tea for fat burning

you Drink chamomile tea, increases the body temperature a little, says Murphy. The body has to then cool down, where he burns energy. Due to the higher energy consumption, the fat takes burning and we are tired. In addition, chamomile tea can be used for improved blood sugar control and weight reduction over night.

2. Kefir for digestion

originally from the Caucasus Region, the root end of the drink weighs in it for you calmly to sleep: Kefir is made from fermented milk, and thereby provides useful Mirkroorganismen of the intestine, promotes the digestion. Murphy explains that the body can absorb through the probiotic Kefir vitamins and minerals better. But helps the drink with a high calcium content not only burn fat, but also improves sleep and supports the performance in sports.

3. Grape juice for stabilization of the sleep-Wake rhythm

Although fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, a glass of one-hundred percent grape juice, before falling Asleep. It lets you better snooze and provides for increased fat burning. According to a study published by the journal “Cell Reports”, that due to the high carbohydrate content of the juice, Insulin is secreted, which, in turn, should lead to the stabilization of the sleep-Wake rhythm is confirmed.

The new Superfood: lose weight with Sauerkraut

‘Fermented food’ sounds in the ears of the most well-particularly appetizing. It can be not only delicious, but also healthy. In addition, the new Superfood is perfect to shed a few pounds.

cottage cheese before Sleep helps to lose weight

hungry before bedtime? Experts recommend in the evening to eat anything more: This recommendation might soon belong to the past. When the stomach growls, it cannot be but some sort of Snack but cottage cheese.

expert tips summarized

Who wants to do it on the beach a good figure, you should worry about losing weight, but more of a self-secure attitude. With the following points, you can hone just before the departure of the holiday to your Occur.

Not a diet, but eating the Right foods: Put on a protein-rich and carbohydrate-poor diet – you will quickly feel lighter and yet saturated. Grilled vegetables, salmon, chicken, or Tofu are good here. the and Also to Drink, pay attention: Drink two to three litres of water a day. Anyone who suffers from bloating, should dispense with carbonic acid. Gentle herbal teas with warm temperatures are also well suited. the sleep is important: at Night, the body recharges its energy and burns fat. So make sure to sleep deep and long enough. Before going to bed in addition to a super light meal, and even a Esspause from 12 to 16 hours. the For a good physical feeling: A few fitness exercises and movement can convey a self-assured attitude. the location: you Have arrived in the beach holiday, you should treat yourself to something. You do not always think about how you look probably. Physical exercise before Breakfast can have a positive impact.