“The money was given to me voluntarily” said Zefi in front of the media. The “whole thing” had been since 2016 Run. Members of your family were involved in the story, you yourself. “I knew nothing about it.”

what relative it is, was not clear. “Family is everything,” said Zefi. In the past year, this thing would have to be concluded with the Injured party in the Canton of Valais. “When I heard it, I wanted to help.”

The rapper is accused along with a member of the family to have a Pennine couple of 700’000 Swiss francs. To do this, you should have output as “Anna Landmann”, an illegitimate daughter of the Zurich environment-lawyer Valentin Landmann,.

The Swiss with Albanian roots was taken on Tuesday evening at the Lucerne festival, their apartment was searched. After questioning, she came again. According to the authorities, but further surveys are planned. You are not afraid of it, you have nothing to hide, said Zefi. The state’s attorney was dealt with in a respectful and nice with her.

The public Prosecutor’s office launched investigation on suspicion of fraud, extortion, coercion, and threat. For Zefi, the presumption of innocence applies until Further notice. In Kosovo you had not ran away, she said. “I’m shooting a Video here. This is already planned for a long time.” The have you want to that is why not blow off.

Though she has any guilt, offered her a lawyer, the Injured party, in the meantime, 350’000 Swiss francs in reparation. This amount had been paid to Zefi “or borrowed”. The 700’000 Swiss francs would not vote. The Whole thing is a civil matter, not criminal. “It was never the intention of my client, someone to exclude.”

With Hits such as “sunglasses”, “Bonnie and Clyde” or “Romeo & Juliet” celebrates successes Loredana especially on the Internet. On Instagram your 1.3 million people. Your Clips on Youtube to be clicked millions of times. Since learning of the allegations, they shower the Fans there, but with criticism and malice.

A presence in Switzerland is planned for July at the Openair Frauenfeld. There you will encounter with your man Mozzik. The open air is holding so far, despite the allegations of this commitment.

That the thing could damage her career, does not believe Zefi. If the music is good, go not to the Person. “The people will hear my music still.” She wants to return in a few days in Switzerland and then in the authorities report.