Company L’oreal is reviewing its goals for sustainable development to 2030 and comes out with a new program L’oreal for the Future, released on Thursday morning. The programme envisages that by 2025, every company that is part of the L’oreal group, will achieve “carbon neutrality” through the use of 100 percent renewable energy. By 2030, the entire plastic used in product packaging of L’oreal, will be either recycled, or received from biohistorical. In addition, the group plans to halve greenhouse gas emissions compared with the year 2016.Photo: Getty Madeconia also introduced a new environmental labeling of products with grades from A to E. the First means with the label will become the means for hair care by Garnier.Photo: Getty Images”, L’oreal is entering a new era— said Jean-Paul AGON, Chairman and CEO of L’oreal.— The problems facing the planet are unprecedented, and it is important to accelerate our efforts to maintain a safe operating space for humanity. We know that the biggest challenges still lie ahead, and L’oreal will remain true to its ambition — to act effectively even in the most difficult conditions.”