Starting next Sunday, the Swiss television, a new car magazine. “Garage 21”, respectively, on Sunday night at 19: 30 on SRF two about everything Nice on the car.

So the announcement promises: “The editorial team will examine the most exciting new vehicles, presents the most beautiful classic car and the fastest sports cars compete against each other.”

The program, my buyer from the SRF for the time being, purchased 17 follow, the editors of “Auto Motor und Sport” in Stuttgart. On the track, the only Swiss Car show “speedo” for some time to
a dedicated five-person production team from the Bernbiet. It was a year ago, one of the victims of the 100-million-savings package of the SRG. Traffic problems, safety issues, energy discussions in Germany are different than here.

the Swiss television viewers deserve a mobility consignment in the Swiss tradition, their needs and the local conditions. The award is abroad, Save at the wrong place with questionable profit: The SRF saves a franc, and Euro.