Nathalie Wappler is the new Director of the Swiss television. Today is Sunday evening, you should not even look at their own programs. Because of the 45. Prix Walo award, the highest award in Swiss show business transferred to the live stream of and from a number of channels Star TV.

In nine categories of music, television Show and movie are excellent artists and celebrities for their special services.

Our public Service channels, not with power, but with such popular events: in 2002, SRF from rose at the Prix Walo, 2015 stroke, for economic reasons, the TV Show “Swiss Award”, the honor of Celebrities. The First German television (ARD) has, since 1948, every year, the Bambi awards such a Format in the program, the ZDF will broadcast since 1986, the “Golden camera”.

It would be nice if the SRF in this sector in 2020 with the 46. Prix Walo would also be back. The Swiss artist will have the support of the largest audience platform in Switzerland necessary. And you’ve earned it.