‘It was not enough to smash our future – now they have also stolen our time.’

Right now, reveals a facebookopslag on the social media, in which the unknown organizers encourage people to come to the ‘big coronafest’ in the Monks Mose in Odense on Friday.

the Organizers write in the advertisement that the politicians ‘are doing everything in order to save some few old from corona, but nothing to save the young people from climate change.’

in Order to limit the spread of coronasmitten, the government has adopted a forsamlingsforbud. It will, as you know, to say that not more than ten persons may assemble.

however, It is legal to gather, if there is talk about a demonstration or other political activity, and it has the organizers of the coronafesten been aware of.

at the Bottom of the cast – in very small print is as follows:

‘With the ‘coronafest’ believed ‘political demonstration against the government’s climate – and coronapolitik’.’

While the organizers is to say, in the bottom of the post describes the event as a lawful demonstration, to show the rest of the cast, however, is quite another.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own drinks and portable speakers, while the organizers will provide a ‘sync playlist.’

On Facebook you can see that it is more parents in Odense and the surrounding area, who have shared the post. Multiple writes, that they have reported the advert to the police.

In a written response to TV 2/Fyn tells the inspector at The Police Henrik Kinds as also, that the police are aware of the advertisement.

‘The Police are familiar with the above-mentioned arrangement, which is shared on several facebook pages. Moreover, several citizens in the course of the day today also written to us to make us aware of it.’

It is unknown who the sender of the spread is – that is why it is equally unknown whether it is a correct lookup.

B. T. is trying to get a comment from The Police, but they are not yet returned to the newspaper’s inquiries.