on Friday, the Minister of internal Affairs of the United Kingdom Priti Patel described the conditions of stay for foreign tourists. Those who gathered in this country should read them carefully in order on arrival at the Albion to avoid the shock.

Now to the details about what you can expect from the two-week quarantine if you decide to enter Britain. First of all, any violation of the rules of self-isolation will cost the visitor a fine in the amount of 1000 pounds. But can happen and is punished with an unlimited fine.

If the place of residence of the foreign visitor would not meet the necessary requirements, it will have to be isolated in the hotel premises by the government. Forced to pay for the accommodation will be very alien. Use of public transport in Britain, the visitor will be allowed only at the end of the quarantine, and before that he will have to use only the individual vehicle.

the Visitor must fill out a form with your contact details and details of your trip so that it could find, if he is infected with a coronavirus. The border service has the right to refuse entry to Britain of a foreigner non resident. However, as highlighted by the Ministry of internal Affairs of the U.K., came the expulsion from the country would be an extreme measure.

Anyone arriving in Britain by air, by sea or by rail it is recommended to use personal transport on the way to the place of his stay that he can’t leave for 14 days. Quarantined the alien will not be allowed to take visitors, if only these should not come to provide him the necessary assistance. You should also not leave the place of isolation for the purchase of food or any other goods.

Conducted by the sociological service YouGov, the study showed that the vast majority of respondents of Britons support the fines: from 3710 survey participants 80 percent supported the government’s quarantine measures for foreign visitors. While 59 percent said that they “support fully “, while 21% support only “to some extent”.

the Minister of internal Affairs commented on the decision of the government about the isolation of foreign tourists by the need to protect the British population, reducing the risk of infection. Thus, according to the Minister, will ensure the decrease in the level of infection Covid-19, and it will help prevent the likelihood of a devastating second wave of the epidemic.

However, the member of the government scientific Advisory group for emergencies (SAGE) insists that 14-day quarantine will not bring the expected Rthe results are evident. Professor John Edmunds said: “to Send to quarantine coming into the country makes sense only when and if the level of contamination is low. Thus, if the number of infections we have much less than in other countries, then it makes sense to do so (to send visitors to the quarantine – “RG”). Today, our incidence rate is actually quite high, so people coming into the country, is unlikely to be at the moment a big problem”.

the Reader who is not called himself, commenting on the news, writes: “Now the danger is just the same, those people who travel from the United Kingdom. What a bunch of clowns!” Another comment from Mervyn Amesbury: “Undoubtedly, given the level of infection, it would make more sense for governments of other countries to quarantine arriving from the United Kingdom”.

And how to react to quarantine those who travel with foreigners in Britain? Airlines of the United Kingdom in despair to warn that the announced quarantine measures will worsen their already dire situation. Suffice it to say that the volume of air traffic has declined in Britain in comparison with pre-crisis time …100 times!