on the eve of his 55th anniversary of Director, producer and art Director of theatre “Modern” Yury Grymov has shared his creative plans, talked about future Prime Ministers, and also spoke about the pandemic, women Mayakovsky and many other things.

According to Yuri Grymov, in the beginning of ads in Russia of a regime of self-isolation, he had to go to the festival in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, then in three weeks swept through Japan, and after returning home, we finally sat down at home, communicating regularly online with the troupe. Pandemic changed his usual rhythm.

– Remember, there were people who said that quarantine can exercise, start to read books, watch movies. On this subject can only be a joke: after quarantine, all will be fans, well-read and inflated. Those who have read, he reads, who watched, and he looks. Yes, changed the rhythm, all miss the viewer.

Grymov hopes that theaters will open in September. He mentioned that every day and online Dating by the Board of chubrukov Moscow theatres, which also included. This question is constantly discussed. However, it is necessary for two months before the opening to inform that the theatre could begin to sell tickets. Artistic Director of “art Nouveau” emphasized that during the quarantine anybody from them has not reduced, everyone gets an adequate salary.

Commented Grymov and the post of actor Alexander Domogarova in social networks that he has no desire to go on stage because the audience does not appreciate it and does not forgive the creative people their transgressions. His reaction he explained the ensuing harassment of Michael Efremova after a fatal accident. Grymov such statements Domogarova not understand.

– Well, don’t go! Sachs all cry – said the Director. – We have to get used to the fact that everyone is different. Artists, creative Director of theatres, Directors – it’s not one of persuasion and temperament. There are, of course, not very smart people, but to say therefore that I do not understand, and I take offense strange. I do not take offense. I’m not a maid. Can be offended only on himself. What is the actor and the theater without an audience? I do not represent myself. So do not share these emotional outbursts. Well, he said what? Everyone will play, to earn money to go on stage, act in films.

However, Grymov, by his own admission, movies today are much less interested in theater. Benefit immediately after the release from quarantine of “Modern” is preparing several premieres. One of them is a play about the first days of the war “the Man with the eyes of Mozart”, dedicated to the anniversary of the Victory. The audience will see and “Cemetery of Ponte” – a touching story about how the quarantine has affected former ambitions and glamour. Finally, one of the most anticipated performances should be “Marriage”. The main role in her play on inflatableet popular singer Lolita, which might include the troupe. The basis is taken from the homonymous Comedy of Gogol in conjunction with the “Marriage of Balzaminov” after Ostrovsky, and Chekhov’s play “the Wedding”.

Is today’s story, so I invited lolita Milyavskaya to play the bride the Agafya Tikhonovna – says Grymov. – Of course, it’s a Comedy, the irony of the present day. Gogol in the play nobody loves no one. I caught myself thinking: watching modern movies and TV shows, saw the same thing. Virtually no talk about love, some flour. Nobody gets any pleasure, not to mention romanticism.

Grymov sceptical about his future film career, although she wants to make a film dedicated to the women of Vladimir Mayakovsky. The script is already there. The case for small – to find funding. The Director admitted that he can’t see who would be interested in giving me money for this picture. Because of the lack of funds he was unable to finish the film by Ludmila Ulitskaya’s story “the Year of the white elephant”. Critical Grymov on the activities of the cinema Fund.

– Why all of a sudden 8-10 companies systematically get money under the guise that they are successful managers. However, I always thought that if a successful company, that is there know how to make money, then why should the government give her free money. I believe that the government should invest in the experiment, the authentic, historical and children’s films.