Singer Lolita was able to finally divorce her fifth husband coach the game of squash Dmitry Ivanov. Interestingly, it took her nearly ten months. Previous spouses divorced she was much faster. Recall that on 4 July 2019 in Instagram she said that he and Ivanov made the decision to divorce. As noted by the lawyer of the singer Sergei Zhorin, for the divorce of his ward refused earlier demands. In particular, they wanted a lawyer to ensure that this marriage was called a sham. Zhorin said that his ward asked to go to any compromises, in order to quickly divorce.

“We decided to abandon all of their claims, and now Lolita is officially free. But the sham marriage from the side of Ivanov’s all so obvious.”


Publish from Lolita (@lolitamilyavskaya) 5 Mar 2020 1:08 PST

Sergei Zhorin more on the topic of Lolita turned to the Barber after the demonstrative removing their laconophilia made asymmetrical haircut Bob. By the way, was the likelihood that the pandemic a singer until the summer will not divorce. In the end, the meeting in the hall was not one of excess. All the participants of the high-profile trial was masked, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.