Before this meeting at the Samara team has a new coach: place Miodrag Bozovic, who, by the way, to work with Lokomotiv, won by Andrey Talalaev. It is clear that for a few workouts impossible to radically change, but in Cherkizovo, the guests looked very dignified.

Already on the 14th minute “Wings” have opened the account. Did Dejan Radonjić from the transmission maxima glushenkova. Towards the end of the half, Lokomotiv lost because of injury Guilherme, and early in the second half red card received Vladislav Ignatyev.

it Seemed, at Samartsev there is every chance of a sensational victory. But on 73 minutes, Safa Hadi has been removed from the field, and in the last seconds with the transmission of joão mário scored Miranchuk. As a result – 1:1. Now “the locomotive” lags behind the leader “Zenith” on eight points, but Zenit have a game in stock tomorrow on the road with “Tambov”.