Lokomotiv lost the last game of the regular season

Yaroslavl team finished the regular season on the road in defeat. The final contender match for “railwaymen” became the Moscow “Vityaz”. Since the match does not depend, the coach of “Locomotive” Michael Pelino put the game to the youngest players and is broke in the youth, which is most of the regular season was polishing the booty shop.

All players declared on game – either natives of Yaroslavl and the pupils of the HC “Lokomotiv” from the childhood, or those who have fallen in the Yaroslavl hockey club as a teenager, and won the Kharlamov Cup.

the Youth did well in the match – young hockey players the entire match was played on a par with mother opposing players. And lost only on penalties.

the result of the game 5-4 in favor of the home team.

While “the locomotive” has finished the regular championship in Moscow, in Minsk the Moscow “Dynamo” lost to the home team – “Dinamo-Minsk”. The result was a determined opponent of the Yaroslavl in the first round of the playoffs, they became “Jokerit”.

the Games begin in Yaroslavl – 1 and March 3