about two-thirds of all borrowers of the is was rate significantly higher than the of the money houses advertised terms and conditions. The “world” citing a study by the Online retailer Kreditvergleich.net.

the banks need to make since the year 2010 in your advertisement the interest rate significantly, at least two-thirds of all borrowers to get. The provision serves the protection of the customers: they will get clear information on the amount of interest you need to pay when signing a loan agreement.

Some banks to hide the information required

banks need to call the “Two-third-rate”. They do, but they often hide the concrete Numbers – for example, in the footnotes, as it is said in the report. Some of the money houses, the Figures show online until interested by a plurality of clicked pages. Also popular asterisk were listed notes under which the exact data.

However, even these data are rather of a General nature. “The individual interest rate, the Bank determines, after examining the creditworthiness of the customer,” said Dorothea Mohn, financial expert of the consumer Federation, the “world”. The individual contracts were based on data from the Bank of queries about at the Schufa. Now cheap private loans: private loan-comparison

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kreditvergleich.net determined the Recoverable rate is significantly higher than the advertising, that the comparison of 38 of the vendors of the “two-thirds”-effective interest between 2,48 and 8,99 per cent. That is, at least in the advertising material. The actually achievable rate of interest but by 2.08 percentage points higher than the statements of advertising texts. In individual cases, the difference between ausgelobtem interest rate, and the values in the credit agreement in the case of five percent, as loan comparison.net-expert Tina travel joke of the “world” described. In the case of individual banks, the interest referred to for the normal customer are not get to. Only financially strong interested parties might make to the advertised terms and conditions of credit contracts.

So you recognize the unrealistic Lock-conditions

Some banks restrict the referred to credit conditions, such as with the addition of “interest rates …”. Then, is relatively clear: normal earners will have to dig deeper in the pocket.

Often it is also not clear what data the banks for the calculation of the two-thirds-rate draw. This is so because the legislator does not make any mandatory requirements. As an example, the report cites cases in which banks Zero-percent financing in the data base to be incorporated. Thus, the rate of interest look visually lower than it is in the end actually. Content check: The gross-to-net calculator 2020 As much net debt remains to you from the gross

On rest of the insurance companies waive

Some of the money stores offer installment loans with a residual debt insurance. You should remove a borrower, for example, in the case of unemployment, the repayment of the remaining Installments. However, customers should carefully consider whether to accept such insurance, because it drives the effective rate up. This can cause per year to a few Hundred Euro extra cost.

So can save borrowers cheap interest rates

the amount of The loan interest rates are different for each supplier. Therefore, borrowers should do always a thorough comparison before you sign a contract.

Even with the same provider, the interest rates may differ. Often, loans in-store are higher than Online degree. Cost checking account trap: five tips, you will save unnecessary fees, FOCUS Online/Wochit cost checking account trap: five tips, you will save unnecessary charges In the FOCUS Online/Wochit In the