The appeal Commission of the Fifa laid down in June 2016, a period of ten years, and confirmed the fine of 100’000 Swiss francs. Valcke had been found guilty, to have against various provisions of the code of ethics fired.

Valcke moved the decision to the international court of arbitration for sport (TAS) continue arbitration with headquarters in Lausanne, and finally to the Federal Supreme court. Before the highest Swiss court, he claimed inter alia that his case should have been evaluated prior to the TAS according to the Swiss, and not according to international law. According to a Friday judgment published.

This would have the consequence that Valcke would have been able to assert his rights as a worker claimed. The Federal court has dismissed the complaint of the French, however. In front of the TAS, he had signed a Declaration that it is not the internal law.

to have The Fifa ethics Commission accuses the former Secretary-General, with Ticket sales into their own pockets lined. In essence, it is a ticketing contract with the Agency, JB Sports Marketing, in the context of a profit-sharing added Valcke had been assured.

In the judgment of the Federal court, is also listed, that Valcke took advantage of the Jet of Fifa for private travel and so in the period between January 2011 and September 2013, for a cost of 11.7 million dollars caused.

the former Secretary-General of TV rights has been sold under price, to secure votes for the re-election of Sepp Blatter in 2011. And he received from his son, internal information of a company, with which Fifa’s stand in the negotiations.

Valcke was employed from June 2007 to January 2016, the Fifa. In mid-September 2015, he was suspended from all his functions. The Federal Prosecutor against him and other former Fifa members of various criminal investigations. (Judgment 4A_540/2018 from 07.05.2019)