Located on udalenke Vladimir Soloviev danced live

the Morning of March 26, in the context of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, a leading VGTRK aired out of the house.

the TV Channel “Russia 24” even temporarily changed the logo to “Sit at home 24”.

the Remote was and morning program “Full contact” on the radio “Vesti FM”.

while presenter Anna Saffron was in the Studio of the radio station, Vladimir Solovyov spoke with her and with students from the Studio “Soloviev LIVE”.

given the fact that now many people are house – sitting in quarantine or work on remote, particularly important was the maintenance of the physical form.

Since the broadcast was carried out including on the Internet – on YouTube – leading promised during the breaks to show off their routines.

Vladimir Solovyov kept our word.

Moreover, it is not only made in front of the camera gymnastics, but in the end even began to dance, so that some commentators have ironically asked the leader: “a Little slower, Rudolfus!”