In Turkey, could soon blow a new political Wind. The AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lost in the local election on Sunday in Ankara and Istanbul. The Republican people’s party (CHP) fleet, according to media reports in the two major cities victory.

Especially Erdogan hurts apparently, the electoral defeat in Istanbul: In the city on the Bosporus, he started in 1994 as the mayor of his political career. Don’t want to admit the power of the commander-in bitter ACP-defeat after a quarter of a century of Power, however.

What happened?

The electoral authority YSK had stopped shortly after 23 o’clock local time, to publish the election results. Since it is only 91 percent of the votes had been counted. The state news Agency AA announced yet early an ACP victory in the economic metropolis. Erdogan’s powerful Interior Minister and justice Minister, flew late in the night to Istanbul, in order to take up the matter personally.

On Monday morning, then, apparently, the twist in the choice of crime. The Pro-government news Agency DHA announced the victory of the Opposition. Ekrem imamoğlu (49) won the election for mayor of Istanbul, therefore, with almost 48.8 percent of the vote. Erdogan’s AKP candidate Binali Yildirim (63) received, according to the census, 48,48 per cent. Shortly thereafter, the Agency withdrew the data, however, without justification. The Republican people’s party, fears of vote-rigging. CHP mayor candidate Ekrem imamoğlu (49) called on the authorities to recognize the results.

what it was for Erdogan?

About 57 million Turks were called on Sunday to choose in 81 provinces, mayors and city parliaments. But Erdogan himself has declared the election a Referendum on his government – he spoke of a “question of Survival”.

Erdogan is financially and medial superior, he controlled the main news agencies and the police and security forces. That it was not enough in the metropolises, however, for an AKP victory is a bitter defeat for the President.

punish the voters of Erdogan for the economic crisis?

The voters are with Erdogan’s rate, apparently, does not agree. Many are likely to respond with their voice for the Opposition on the economic crisis in the country. The unemployment rate is, according to official figures, in the meantime, at 13.5 percent. At the same time, the Turkish currency went on to decline. Inflation rose within a year by 20 percent. Erdogan makes for the development of the West responsible.

The drastic loss of value of the Lira, particularly families and low-Income – wages have hardly changed, and food are very expensive.

How Erdogan reacted to the defeat?

Erdogan said his government would now focus on the implementation of a strong programme for the economy. In front of journalists, he was self-aware: “We were way ahead, so, as we are always in the front,” he said, according to “Spiegel Online” on Sunday in Istanbul.

How it looks in the Rest of the Turkey?

across the Country, the AKP, with about 45 percent of all the remained voices were the strongest party. However, even in the capital, Ankara, Erdogan’s party lost the mayor election. After counting of almost all votes Mansur Yavas, the opposition party CHP was 50.9 percent, nearly four points ahead of the candidate of the AKP.

The election was marred by violent incidents, including two election observers were killed.