There where no candidate gets in the first ballot, more than 50 percent of the vote. In the case of the approximately 750 municipal run-off elections in Bavaria, the deadline for voting has expired – starting at 18.00 PM will be counted. Tens of millions of people were called in the free state, to set the political course in their cities, counties, and communities.

for the First time, the voters were not able to do this, but on Sunday in a polling station. They had to leave because of the risk of Infection with the Coronavirus in social contacts their ballots exclusively by mail.

Bavaria: runoff in the Live-Stream see – so it goes

The Bavarian radio reported from 19.30 of the local election in Bavaria – on the Internet you can follow the Live Stream.

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Corona-crisis in Bayern

Bavaria is one in addition to North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most affected provinces. To Sunday the country have been tested far 13 263 people, be positive to Sars-CoV-2, as health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) announced in Munich. 110 infected patients have died in consequence of it.

in Spite of all the Worries during the preparation of the ballot, the turnout might be but certainly even higher than in the first ballot two weeks ago – at least if the voters of the country were so industrious use of their right, as it was in Munich.

mayor elections in Munich, Nuremberg and Augsburg

In the state capital as early as 600 000 completed letters were received up to the afternoon back at the kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR). The letters, which were directly thrown at KVR or at the public offices, and in special letter boxes yet to come. Around 1.1 million people were eligible to vote.

So the turnout will be at least as high as two weeks ago, tend to be even higher, said a spokesman for the KVR in Munich. In the first phase, the turnout was the official result, according to 49 percent. Also, on the KVR-letter a brisk business is boxes””. Snakes were there, but no.

In Bavaria, a strict output limit is valid for more than a week. It also prohibits social contacts of people who do not live together.

Also during the counting to be expected – at least in Munich – no problems – it choice be enough helpers there, the count since 18.00 o’clock the letters. As a result of the Corona pandemic were, however, taken various safety measures, is expected to be a final result on Monday.

Because of the pandemic, there had been in the past few weeks, practically only on the Internet and in the media, is still a kind of election campaign. Many exciting decisions to the run-off elections yet.

In the 18 counties it is still unclear who will take the top position. In 16 of the cities made it on the 15. March, no candidate and no candidate right off the bat in the first ballot – including in Munich, Nuremberg and Augsburg.

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