Who wants to change, will the politicians. Anyone who wants Power is trying to influence politicians. And so are competing in the Swiss Power-Mecca Bern lobbyists to win the favor of the parliamentarians. Your Zückerchen: Mandates. A Job in a Board of Directors, or an Association means for a politician hardly work, for good pay.

in return, the elected politicians represent the interests of their client in the Parliament. Some give lobbyists even the direct access to the Power – in the Form of Badges to the Federal house. Two of these, access every nation is allowed to passes and of the Council of States to distribute. To whom do you go is not monitored, the receiver only needs to be in a list of Parliament listed.

Cover the interest to make connections on

the Lobby of mandates of parliamentarians more transparent, has a VIEW of the West developed in the Swiss newspaper “Le Temps” the Browser extension “vested interests of parliamentarians”.

thanks to this extension, all interests of a politician to view them.ch and other news portals with a click on the corresponding name of the politician or of the politician shown. The extension is free and works in the browsers Google Chrome and Firefox.

this program is Fed with data from the lobby watch.ch. The nonprofit organization collects information from different sources about elected politicians, and lobbyists, and represents this graphically. Everyone can take a look at which politician represents which interests.

“From the point of view of a voter, it is important to know whether a politician for a company or a lobby group is active, if he puts in the same matter in the Federal house applications”, summarizes the Co-President of lobby watch, Otto Hostettler, the idea behind lobby watch.

she lights a politician – with the browser extension from VIEW.

So you install the Browser extension