most of The Swiss nationals took advantage of systems with artificial intelligence (AI) is already very intense, without you realize, says Michael Baeriswyl, AI expert, Swisscom.

For example, in the case of online applications. The world’s leading employment agencies, Adecco relies on Algorithms to candidates for preselection. Searched for a program applications, word combinations, evaluated the company as “desirable””. The more words that match, the better the candidate for the open position fits.

the sensitivity of an automated selection and how inaccurate the machine Learning can be experienced by the online giant Amazon. The selection algorithm was trained on the basis of applications that were previously received in the past ten years at Amazon. Unfortunately, most of the men. The System concluded that men were the preferred candidates and assorted Job applications from women.

Adecco emphasizes that such discrimination preventing the “All the Algorithms, which could affect a hiring decision, be tested by experts, to be able to systematic bias exclude,” says Adecco spokeswoman Annalisa Job. In addition, currently, would Decide not to “automatically” like a setting of human decisions still.

Siri and Alexa are well-known examples are

chat bots are one of the most recognizable applications of artificial intelligence. Customers of the Post-financial subsidiary Postfinance to answer such a “digital wizard” around-the-clock questions. The best-known applications of the voice assistant Siri from Apple and Alexa Amazon.

Like most Swiss companies, Swiss Post intends to increase with artificial intelligence their efficiency. It allows, as a rule, task-based or error-prone manually, but to do it automatically. The Swiss airline company that uses AI, among other things, because it allows with their speed in the evaluation of large amounts of data, to respond sooner to disturbances in the Hub System.

The Use of KI is undisputed. So banks can register so that if a scammer has used in another country, the credit card of a customer. According to UBS spokeswoman Tatiana Togni is in need of UBS AI is also for the improvement of the decision-making process: “Such Algorithms are preferably used to assist people to automate and not to the decisions in Bank-operating fully.”

companies have been lulled into a false sense of security

At the end of the decision-making by people and not machine-like. The companies such as Roche, ABB, Swiss Life say in unison. Nevertheless, one can expect the machine will not ethically correct attitude. If KI is used in the credit award for risk check, there is the same risk of Discrimination arising, as in the machine Amazon selection.

The companies are not aware of the risks. Swisscom has an ethics Commission that also assessed KI-themes. Swisscom-expert Baeriswyl says: “The technology should not restrict the people, and the use of data transparent.” A AI specialized ethics Commission, as the German Software company SAP has, in this country is evident anywhere.

“The use of artificial intelligence is currently responsible investor,” says Vincent Kaufmann, Director of the investment adviser’s Ethos to LOOK. The potential damage that could cause the technology solely in terms of Reputation, are unimaginable. Ethos will be announced this year, what Governance measures you can expect with the use of KI by the corporations.