With “079” delivered Lo & Leduc, the greatest Swiss Hit of the past years. Now you attack again after the chart peak: On Friday they have released their new EP “Hype”.

True to the title of the Bernese sing about the glory of the past years – and how they learned to deal with it. Pressure to land another Hit, not both. Luc “Leduc” Oggier (30) explains: “We produce the music, Yes, in order to have success. That would make a mega tailor-made music, not to increase further, with the aim of becoming economically, what goes after “079” probably.” If you are going to do music to earn a lot of money, and then you can hear better. And would you not also want to make in the next ten years.

New targets

Lorenz “Lo” Häberli (32) set himself says, you would have to set new goals away from economic success. “Musically as well as lyrically, we can increase us. As long as one has this feeling, it also makes sense to continue.”

That the Hype will eventually be gone, are the two aware of. “If the white, you can enjoy the Moment much more, can now on such a big stage play. Then, it is eventually satisfied to be back on small stages”, so Oggier.

not grounding But only this understanding of the two. During the week, Lo & Leduc working in the office. “It feels good to make something different and to see in other everyday life,” says Oggier. Mr Häberli added: “As a musician, you otherwise, often in a kind of bubble – far away from other life.”

As a musician, you are also this weekend, on the road again. You play the new Songs live for the first time. The conditions that the Hype is set to continue are good. The three concerts in the Mühle Hunziken in Rubigen are already sold out. Or to say it in the words of the Hitmaker: “Dr Hype Japanese real!”