The view on the lake of Lugano is gorgeous, the rooms freshly renovated, a large garden and a garage, including: the flats in The Ticino municipality of Montagnola, which are currently being advertised on several realty portals, for rent,. What makes it especially, are not equipment and a view – but the landlord: Paola and Ignazio Cassis.

The house of the Federal Council, is located directly opposite the Villa from the 18. Century, in the four rental apartments. The cheapest of 85 square metres in size – is 1850 CHF. 45 square meters more cost 2900 francs. Just under CHF 10’000 rental income flowing as soon on account of the Federal Council, with the addition of a few Hundred francs for the Parking rental.

the Attention of the highways Mietinserate the “Aargauer Zeitung”. As a contact person with the View Paola Rodini is specified. Your second surname is likely to have to beat the Bundesrat wife deliberately under – in the contact details but you will be amazed: The radio login to your private e-mail address and phone number.

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The tag at the Cassis has been talk in the past already. So, the Italian company that built the car lift had to shell out a fine, because they had not paid the installers correctly. Although it was only a small amount – but given the then (and still today) the current debates around the protection of Wages of the Sunday views publicised case was not without poignancy.

But back to the rental offer of the Federal Council and his wife. Recorded one should be used for serious interested parties: The apartments are, thank God, Unfurnished. Since Cassis’ election to the Federal Council, we know, finally, his somewhat idiosyncratic furniture, and especially sofa taste.