Beyond the control of the national consensus Government (NTC) of Libya, the authorities of the East of the country legitimized the possible interference of Egypt in mezhliviysky conflict. As reported RIA Novosti, on the eve of the house of representatives of Libya officially allowed Egyptian armed forces to enter the territory of the former Jamahiriya, taking a statement.

Thus at the end of June the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi that Cairo is ready to help the Libyan tribes in the struggle against foreign intervention, have received formal support from controlled Libyan national army (LNA) East split by civil war in the country.

"We call for concerted efforts between the two brotherly Nations – Libya and Egypt – in order to defeat the invader and preserve our common security and stability in our country and the region", – said in a statement on Tuesday the statement of the Parliament of Libya. – "the Egyptian armed forces have the right to intervene to protect the Libyan and Egyptian national security, if they see an imminent threat to the security of our two countries".

Recall that Egypt last week was spent at the border with Eastern Libya-site large-scale military exercises under the code name "Determination 2020". A strategic goal of Cairo is to prevent the growing influence of supporting the NTC of Turkey in the region.