In Games Tonight, taking time out Esports vs. RSCA Esports in a fight to get a spot in the finals. Time-out Esports were previously able to win against the big favorite, in Sector One, while the RSCA Esports and the guys from the KVM Esports to the house and had to send it in. It promises to certainly be an interesting contest in which the outcome is difficult to predict.

the Timeout Esports started out strong in the season and ended up with a 7-3 final score in the regular season. Even though they are in the first few weeks, a strong performance could drop, saw with them, there may not be as effective towards the end of the season. In the mist of them are a bit on an identity of its own, something that used to be their long-lost series against the Sector in One strong clear. However, home Timeout, Esports have a lot of experience and individual talent of the players as the Dragflick, and Slyv3r.

RSCA Esports team of the variable performance. At the core of the team has been playing for many years, what is also clear is the synergy between the two players. However, they had to pass through to the season’s last opponents have a clear strategy, the game began and they ended up with a 4 to 6 final score). Against KVM-Esports in the second play-off game seemed to be, RSCA Esports again with a solid performance. Especially the newbie and the jungler Findus looked to be very strong, and they had a clear strategy, which we are not one of them would have. If that is the mentality against the time-out Esports going, they certainly do not stand a chance.