In Formula 1, things remain exciting even after Max Verstappen’s victory in Barcelona. The 3rd practice session and qualifying will take place in Monaco on May 28 – and the highlight of the season will be broadcast live on TV.

Six races have been driven, 16 are still to come: Everything is still open in Formula 1. After winning the Spanish Grand Prix, world champion Max Verstappen in the Red Bull is just six points ahead of Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. Sergio Perez, George Sainz and George Russell lie in wait closely followed by Lewis Hamilton. But Sebastian Vettel had also scored the first points in the USA. Excitement is guaranteed, both in the race and in the overall standings. So it’s worth cheering on Sky.

Anyone who would like to follow the 7th Grand Prix of the Formula 1 season live can do so on the pay-TV channel Sky Sport, which had secured the rights for the entire season. With Sky Ticket, all races can be streamed live, as can training and qualifying. Formula 2, Formula 3, Porsche Supercup, Extreme E and Indycar Series are on top of that.

Sky Q also has the entire program live. And as a special treat, you also have access to the on-board cameras and many other settings.

In order not to miss anything, here are the specific live dates for Monaco:

Friday May 27th

Saturday May 28th

Sunday May 29th

Sophisticated Monaco and the pinnacle of motorsport; for many fans this is about the highlight of the season. A good placement in the narrow streets of the principality therefore means not only important points, but also a lot of prestige. And whoever is in pole position here has a clear advantage because of the course.

Many experts predict the duel between the two leaders for Monaco, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. But Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are also given chances.

For the German drivers – Max Verstappen in the Aston Martin and Mick Schumacher in the Haas – the only thing that remains is the outsider role – but the city circuit is treacherous and even the smallest mistake can shake up the field.

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